Are you looking for gifts? If you need ideas how to surprise your loved ones, perhaps you will be inspired by our suggestions, straight from Podkarpackie!



Treasures from Glass Heritage Centre


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Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno, a fascinating museum presenting the art of manufacturing glass items, also holds a shop packed full with items made of this versatile, delicate and refined material. A glass vase, a carafe of an unusual shape, a colourful flower, or an intriguing paperweight will make a unique gift which will stay with the recipient for years.


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Christmas tree baubles

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A universal, typical Christmas gift? Christmas tree ornaments! A classic bauble with a dedication, or shaped like a mushroom, cake, snowman or owl – a gift like this perfectly fits with a warm atmosphere of a family reunion. You will find a wealth of designs and styles in the online store of the Museum of Christmas Baubles. This is an amazing site on the map of Nowa Dęba and it is worth visiting, especially during the Christmas season, a time of magic.


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Wine from Podkarpackie

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Podkarpackie is known for its numerous vineyards. Their owners, true enthusiasts, produce a large variety of aromatic wines with excellent flavours. A fine beverage – red or white – is a perfect addition to an elegant dinner party. This is an excellent idea for a gift which will always be a success.


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Healthy nalewka

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They make body stronger, protect against infections and poisoning, produce warming and calming effect – these are only some of the benefits of traditional nalewka beverage. They are made from rectified alcohol, fruit and herbs, with the use of well-tested methods and with no additives or preserves. The shining glass bottles, clear and colourful, will look truly impressive in each pantry. Delicious and healthy nalewka beverages are on offer from Bieszczadzkie Smaki in Smolnik near Komańcza and in Krosno where you should look for products of the Krzanowski Family.


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Wicker products from Rudnik nad Sanem

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Pleasing to the eye, a wicker basket, trunk or tray makes a highly practical element of room decoration. Items made of this natural, long-lasting material come in various forms, such as small cabinets, lunch boxes, picnic baskets, bike baskets or beds for your beloved pets. Products from Rudnik nad Sanem combine traditions and skills passed from generation to generation. The versatile material is used in manufacturing of a large variety of goods, including Christmas tree ornaments.


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Tobacco pipes from Przemyśl

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The Museum of Bells and Pipes in Przemyśl may inspire those looking for unusual gifts. An elegant, classic style tobacco pipe manufactured with the use of traditional methods and high quality materials is a fine gift not only for smokers. This type of gadget will also be appreciated by those into unique and beautiful objects.

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Grey pottery from Medynia Głogowska

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A clay pot, in the subdued colours of grey, silver and black, will be an excellent ornament which can also be used as a piece of kitchenware. Traditional ceramic items, manufactured by local artisans, will be appreciated by all those who value beauty and simplicity. In Pottery Croft in Medynia Głogowska you can learn about the process of making clay sculptures and pots and you can buy unique works of ceramic art. The characteristic grey pot will always be a success as a Christmas gift.


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Made of Cornelian cherry

Natural products, manufactured in small quantities, are becoming more and more popular. If you want to make an unusual gift, you can consider preserves made of Cornelian cherry. This rare plant can be seen in the Arboretum in Bolestraszyce, which every year holds the Festival of Cornelian-Cherry Dogwood designed to promote these fruit, their unique flavour and their versatile uses. Tea, nalewka beverage, juice or marinated cornelian cherry will make a great gift for those who like novelties and those into experimenting in the kitchen.


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Health and beauty

Podkarpackie is not only famous for unique flavours and beautiful landmarks, but also for its renowned spa towns. You can, however, revitalize your body at home, using natural regional beauty products. A wide assortment of products from the spa town of Rymanów-Zdrój includes creams, lotions, peeling masks, and bath salts, as well as skincare products for men. Cosmetics, especially those based on natural ingredients and herbal extracts, are a practical and truly attractive gift.


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Albums about Podkarpackie

Highly informative and featuring beautiful photographs, books and albums published by the Podkarpackie Regional Tourism Organisation may inspire recipient of such a gift to visit Podkarpackie. Most notable among these are the guidebooks to the Carpathian Trail of Historical Houses and Gardens, Wooden Architecture Route, as well as the modernist Route of the Central Industrial Region. The publications vary in the subject matter and in format, to match everyone’s expectations.

Publications about Podkarpackie can be bought at the Tourist Information in Rzeszów, or by sending a request to:






Main photo: A. Brzechowska

Photos: J. Sołek, City Council of Nowa Dęba, E. Borowiak, Bieszczadzkie Smaki, A. Brzechowska, Museum of Bells and Pipes in Przemyśl

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