All Saints Church in Iwonicz | All Saints Church in Iwonicz |
Parish church of All Saints - Trail No. 1 (Krosno-Brzozów) of the Wooden Architecture Route

Built in the 1460s, the church was founded by Marcin Iwonicki. From the 1560s until 1634 the church was used by protestants. During that period a brick sacristy with a treasury on the upper floor was built next to the chancel, and a bell tower was added along the western wall.  In 1657 the church was ravaged by the Transylvanian army of George II Rákóczi. In the second half of the 1700s the church was reconstructed and its interior received Baroque features. During 1884–95 the Załuski family had the church expanded and thoroughly reconstructed. The nave section was extended, and the single-nave layout was replaced with three naves; two chapels were added to create a “pseudo-transept”; Załuski family chapel was built next to the chancel; the walls received wood cladding; the tower was partly altered. On this occasion the church was appointed with neo-Baroque furnishings. Polychrome decorations on the walls and the ceiling were contributed by Paweł and Jan Bogdański from Jaśliska. The new wood-carved furnishings were supplied by Józef Aszklar, a craftsman from Lubatowa. As a result of these works, the original Gothic features of the building were significantly obliterated.