Castle in Dubiecko | Castle in Dubiecko |
Dubiecko is known as the birthplace of Ignacy Krasicki, Bishop of Warmia, also referred to as the prince of poets.

The castle in Dubiecko dates back to the 16th century. It  was extended and provided with defensive features by the Stadnicki family. While it was owned by the Krasicki family the building lost its fortified structures and was remodelled in a classicist style. This is when a landscape garden was created. Indeed today it ranks among the most magnificent establishments of this type in Poland. Its design made use of the natural terrain, and incorporated ancient oaks and lime trees, as well as newly added specimens of exotic trees and shrubs.

Dubiecko is also known as the birth place of two famous men: Stanisław Stadnicki - one of the greatest trouble-makers in Polish history, frequently referred to as the Devil from Łańcut, and Ignacy Krasicki - one of the major representatives of Enlightenment in Poland, also known as “the prince of poets.” Today the castle in Dubiecko holds a hotel and restaurant, known for excellent cuisine.

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