Church of St. Nicholas in Domaradz | Church of St. Nicholas in Domaradz |
Former parish church of St. Nicholas - Trail No. 1 (Krosno-Brzozów) of the Wooden Architecture Route.

The original structure, most probably dating from the second half of the 1400s, was significantly altered in the 1600s. This is when the tower was built and the church received new furnishings as well as roofed arcades surrounding the structure outside. Significant changes were introduced in 1878 when the nave section was extended westward, the ceiling was lowered, and the walls of the chancel were reconstructed to the same height as those along the nave. The previously uniform interior was divided into three naves. In 1887 the church was embellished with new eclectic-style wall paintings. During the subsequent reconstruction in 1906 the roofed arcades were dismantled, and a ridge turret as well as vestibules were added. Erected in 1936 the new belfry was designed by Stanisław Grosse, and built by Piotr Janowski.


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