Proziak on the menu! | Proziak on the menu! |
Are you looking for a good place to have a delicious proziak? With goat cheese, or beef, or beet, or simply with garlic butter? Pick your favourite flavours and set off for a culinary tour of the Podkarpackie.

Known in our region by a few names, proziak (or if you want more than one: proziaki, prozioki, prołzioki, prołozioki) is a traditional type of flat bread, made of very few ingredients but excellent in taste. In 2006 it was added to the official list of traditional food products. Small and delicious bread rolls owe their name to one of the ingredients, i.e. baking soda which in Podkarpackie traditionally has been referred to “proza”.


Here is a list of the finest places with Subcarpathian proziaki on the menu. Check out our TOP 18, and bon appetite!


  1. Cuda Wianki Restaurant – Przemyśl

Here proziaki are served with garlic butter and kephir.

  1. Proziakownia – Sanok

On the menu here you will find proziak-burgers and several other kinds of proziak sandwiches, including sweet treats.

  1. Proza – Rzeszów

Proziak sandwiches are served here in many unique ways. This is one of the best places in the Podkarpackie to get the taste of proziak.

  1. Pijalnia Piw Niebanalnych KADŹ – Stalowa Wola

The Beer Room in its menu, in addition to the finest microbrew beers, offers e.g. delicious proziak sandwiches with shredded beef.

  1. Zakapior – Polańczyk

The unique specialties here include proziak sandwiches with venison.

  1. Manufaktura Domowa Piekarnia & Spiżarnia – Przemyśl

The old-style bakery shop is one of those places where you can get proziaki in their most traditional form.

  1. Siedlisko Janczar – Pstrągowa

Podkarpackie-style soda flat bread is served here in the simple and the most delicious way, that is with garlic butter. You can also get a bite of Lumberjack’s Proziak with beef, lettuce, cherry-vodka sauce, cheese, tomato and pickled cucumber.

  1. Karczma Pod Semaforem – Bachórz

Here you can have a simple and tasty proziak with butter.

  1. Bieszczadzka Ambusada

Bieszczadzka Ambusada is a food truck which serves proziak sandwiches with varied fillings. The menu also includes sweet proziak treats, served with honey, or fruit and cream.

  1. Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy POŁONINY – Bukowiec

In this leisure centre you can have proziaki with wild garlic butter.

  1. Hilton Garden Inn Hotel – Garden Restaurant – Rzeszów

Here you can enjoy proziaki served with dogwood confiture, with pear and blue cheese, or with tomato and parmesan.

  1. Blue Diamond Hotel - Simple Restaurant – Nowa Wieś

In the hotel restaurant you can enjoy venison goulash served with proziak with herb butter and cheese.

  1. Nowy Dwór Świlcza Restaurant – Świlcza

Here proziaki are served as free pre-starters, with herb-and-lard spread, and “Trzepanica podkarpacka” cheese.

  1. Grand Hotel Boutique – Patio Restaurant – Rzeszów

In Patio Restaurant proziaki are served as a side dish to excellent steak tartare.

  1. Restaurant in Dubiecko Castle – Dubiecko

In the Dubiecko Castle you can also enjoy proziaki with delicious steak tartare.

  1. Kresowa Osada – Basznia Dolna

On the menu you will find mouth-watering proziak-burger with pork neck, quick-pickled cucumber, tomato sauce and onion.

  1. Arłamów Hotel - Carpathia and Arłamów Restaurant – Arłamów

Proziaki are served here with smoked trout as a side dish.

  1. Rzeszów Hotel – Oranżeria Restaurant – Rzeszów

In the hotel restaurant you can enjoy delicious proziaki served with savoury steak tartare.


fot. K. Zajączkowski