The Fortress Cycling Trail runs along the forts of the Przemyśl Fortress - one of the largest systems of defensive structures in Europe

The cycling trail consists of two parts (northern and southern), which are of different lengths and grades of difficulty.

The northern part of the trail (easier, approx. 33 km) takes cyclists to the Arboretum in Bolestraszyce and Fort XIIIb located on its grounds. The outer structure of the old barracks has been restored there, and now it is the background for a magnificent collection of climbing plants. Another interesting structure on the Fortress Cycling Trail is Fort San Rideau, a mysterious and grim place. Legend has it that during demolition a live Russian prisoner, one of two Russians imprisoned there, was found, after surviving in the fortress for 8 years after the end of the war. It is also worth going slightly off the trail and reaching the top of the Tatar Mound, a part of Fort XVI Zniesienie, to admire the panorama of Przemyśl and the surrounding area.

On the southern part of the trail (more difficult, approx. 42 km) we recommend seeing Fort XV Borek with the restored gate and barracks connected to the main bunker, or Fort I Salis Soglio, located several dozen metres from the border with Ukraine. Other places worth visiting on the southern part of the trail are:

- "Skarpa Jaksmanicka" reserve (with breeding sites of the bee-eater),

- Roman Catholic church (former Orthodox church) at the Parish of Our Lady of Zbaraż in Prałkowce,

- Fort II Jaksmanice,

- Fort IIb Cyków,

- Fort IV on top of Iwanowa Góra.


The Fortress Cycling Trail is an attraction for those who enjoy forest trips, beautiful landscapes, old buildings and military history.

More about trail here.


Photo: Dariusz Hop