The turbulent history and atmosphere of the former Borderland, make a visit to Przemyśl and the Przemyskie Foothills a memorable experience


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Regular ticket: PLN 130

Reduced ticket: PLN 120 (for people 5-18 years old)

Reduced ticket: PLN 50 (for kchildren up to 5 years old)




TRIP DATES: Fridays  (May, June, July, August, September, and October), other months and long weekends to be checked on the planner available on ,

Tours for individual clients are organized for at least 15 people.



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What does a trip to Przemyśl and its vicinity include?


Experience unforgettable moments in the Przemyśl Foothills. It is here that you will encounter two of the oldest Orthodox churches in Poland, one of the two most famous  calvaries in our country, and one of the largest defensive fortresses in the world and one of the most beautiful castles rises here. It is here, in Arłamów lost in the borderland, where the dignitaries of the Polish People's Republic used to hunt.


Join us on a trip to Przemyśl and its surroundings, which begins with a visit to the pearl of Renaissance-mannerist architecture - the castle in Krasiczyn and a stroll around the castle park. Moments later - in the company of Szwejk - we will learn the history of one of the forts of the legendary Przemyśl Fortress. In Przemyśl, surrounded by forts, we will admire e.g. one of the most beautiful railway stations in Europe.

We will also visit Kalwaria Pacławska, located among the beautiful landscapes of the Przemyśl Foothills with the miraculous painting of the Mother of God from Kamieniec Podolski, and at the very end we will visit Arłamów - known as a place of rest and a hunting spot of the former dignitaries, and the internment of Lech Wałęsa. Nowadays, it houses a luxury hotel.



What is included in the price of the trip to Przemyśl and its surroundings?


  • transport by coach/bus
  • entrance tickets to the castle in Krasiczyn and park
  • Szwejk services
  • mountain guide services
  • parking fees
  • accident insurance
  • VAT margin