A city with all the distinguishing features of a large urban agglomeration, Rzeszów also retains the charming quality of a former Galician town, clean and safe, with lots of flowers and green spaces, and friendly for visitors.


Rzeszów and its surroundings


We would like to invite you to the capital of Podkarpacie - Rzeszów and its surroundings, where you can meet the characters from your favourite childhood bedtime shows (The Bedtime Show Museum), get into the world of an ancient forest (“Bór” reserve), or take part in the Multimedia Fountain performance.


Rzeszów is one of those cities located in the centre of Poland's cultural and historical heritage. These are just some of the reasons, why it is worth visiting the city and its surroundings and getting inspired by their beauty.

Which places are worth visiting in Rzeszów?


In Rzeszów, it is worth seeing the old town with the market square surrounded by historic tenement houses and the town hall distinguished by its decorations. In case you get tired of looking up, just take a look down, under the market square hiding the mysterious underground packed with interesting information about the history of Rzeszów. You can see it along the Underground Tourist Route.


A few steps away from the market square there’s the famous Bedtime Show Museum, where you can get back to your childhood and once again meet the characters from your favourite cartoons. After a while spent in the market square, it is worth going down the representative 3 Maja street, packed with atmospheric cafes and restaurants, towards the castle and palace complex, where you will also find the Lubomirski summer palace and Aleja pod Kasztanami, which looks particularly beautiful in autumn. Right next to it, there is the Multimedia Fountain - refreshing and hosting amazing light shows on warm days.


On the way, we recommend stopping at the Parish Church and visiting the complex of buildings of the former Piarist convent. The Bernardine monastery situated near the old town is also worth seeing.


After a day full of attractions, it is worth going to the reservoir on the Wisłok River, to the Lisia Góra reserve, where you can find recreational areas, and last but not least - to take a look from above, and visit the viewpoint on the Maria Magdalena Hill (395 m above sea level).


As you reveal all the secrets of Rzeszów, it's time to go beyond its gates and visit the area with many interesting places and stories.


Open-air Museum of Folk Culture in Kolbuszowa


First of all, we would like to take you back in time. It is possible at the Folk Culture Museum in Kolbuszowa, where you can learn about the life of the inhabitants of Rzeszów at the turn of the 20th century.


It's where you can find numerous objects of wooden architecture: a chapel, a manor house, a blacksmith's shop, a windmill, and a water mill. When visiting these places, you will not only be able to see them from the outside but also enter their interiors, where you can check what the furnishings of the former huts looked like. The brave can try their luck at quizzes and test their knowledge about the former lives of the inhabitants of these regions.


Open-air Museum of Folk Culture in Kolbuszowa

The Castle in Łańcut - make yourself feel like an aristocrat


When the charms of rural life will steal your heart, it's time to head to a completely different world. Set the course to the Castle in Łańcut, where you can experience completely different impressions and make yourself feel like an aristocrat. The unique palace and park complex built in the 17th century is located in Łańcut. When visiting this place, you can admire the sumptuous chambers - pay special attention to the Ballroom and the Great Dining Room - and contemplate numerous works of art (including a collection of Orthodox church art) or see what the coach house and stable looked like at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.


But that's not all. Flower lovers will surely enjoy the orchid house with the numerous types and species of orchids growing on the ground, rocks, and trees.


The icing on the cake is the park surrounding the palace, where you will find various species of trees, shrubs, and perennials that delight with their colours all year round.


The Castle in Łańcut

Towards nature - Reserve "Bór"


The surroundings of Rzeszów are extremely diverse. You find a wild forest just a few moments away from the city. It's possible thanks to the "Bór" reserve, which is an ecosystem of natural forests of the former Sandomierz Primeval Forest. Strolling across these unspoiled areas, you will encounter numerous natural monuments, but also graves that are witnesses of the old times.

Towards history


The surroundings of Rzeszów are also an area where history was being made. If you are interested in history, head towards Stępina, where you can admire the former German railway bunker known as the Railway Bunker Complex in Stępina-Cieszyn. The tunnel was used as a shelter for Adolf Hitler's staff trains. It was here that the leader of the Third Reich and Mussolini were to meet.


A similar structure can be found in Strzyżów. This local bunker is 465 meters long, consists of the main track and siding, and is secured by armoured gates.


The fans of historical curiosities should also go to Markowa, to see the Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews during World War II,  famous throughout Poland, documenting the stories of brave Poles who sacrificed their lives to save Jews during the war, and Zagroda Open Air Museum of Markowa Village documenting the past and the history of this village.


Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews during World War II

Shelter tunnel in Strzyżów, photo: Klaudia Kawecka
Gabriela Joniec_Sanktuarium Maryjne_ Borek Stary.jpg

The surroundings of Rzeszów, however, except the culture, art, and architecture, also have a lot to offer for the spirit. In Borek Stary you will find the Dominican monastery and church, which delights with its beautiful decorations and try your hand at pottery in Medynia Głogowska. It's where you can find the Pottery Farm, the Władysława Prucnal Ceramic Sculpture Gallery, and a beautiful church with its decor based on pottery traditions.


The list does not exhaust what is worth seeing when visiting Rzeszów and its surroundings. We also recommend the following landmarks:

  • Tunnel and Narrow Gauge Przeworsk Access Railway in Szklary,
  • The hunting palace of the Potocki family in Julin,
  • Tyszkiewicz Palace in Werynia,
  • Church in Poręby Dymarskie with the image of the Tutivillus devil
  • "Marysienka" shelter.


Or maybe you prefer spontaneous sightseeing and getting lost in the charming streets of Rzeszów?

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