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By following the route of the Podkarpackie Flavours you can discover the diversity of the region, including its varied culinary traditions.

The Subcarpathian Flavours Trail - the only culinary trail in the Subcarpathian region that is still operating - is now celebrating its 4th year of establishment. It was created in 2013 and at that time consisted of 39 partners, while today they’re more than 50. There are 41 restaurants, 3 vineries, 3 bakeries and 3 agritourisms. The trail is one of the longest on this type in Poland.


Culinary travelling is a special form of tourism that in recent years is gaining more popularity and attention around the world. Regional dishes, beverages and specialities ceased to be only an addition to sight-seeing or leisure; it became a goal itself for travelling. Taking into consideration the seasonality of Subcarpathian touristic offer one needs to remember that a tourist has to eat every day, regardless of a good or bad weather. ‘The regional flavours’ may be of interest to anyone, regardless of his or her age, sex or nationality. What is most important, the culinary art is the only one that involves all five of our senses, including the one that stays in our memory for so long, the taste.


The Subcarpathian Flavours Trail was created in the Autumn of 2013 and consisted at that time of 39 partners in the Subcarpathian region. On the trail were among others: inns, restaurants, and taverns. Each one of them has at least three regional dishes and goes through the process of certification. If a local passes the certification it receives a certificate and a plate which is hung in front of the building.


The Trail promote sight-seeing of the region through its rich culinary traditions and invite to familiarising with the region through culinary experiences. In the locals that are on a Trail one can taste proziaki, hreczanyki, fuczki, klepak, zalewajka as well as many other traditional dishes. The Trail is also a touristic offer. Since 2016 it consists of 50 partners and that makes it the biggest culinary trail in Poland. The restaurants are divided into three routes: the Bieszczady route (220 km long), the Beskid mountains and in the Foothills (205 km) and the northern route (280 km).