Podkarpackie Regional Tourism Board

About us

Since you came to the Podkarpackie travel website - you are probably interested in tourism and tourism in Podkarpackie province in particular. Maybe you are looking for information about this colourful corner of Poland and an inspiration for spending time in Podkarpackie, to which we are glad to introduce you. Therefore you’ve come to the right place!

Or maybe you are a representative of the tourism industry and you carry out your activity in the subcarpathian region? you also made a good move! Because this portal is created by people whose promote and develop tourism daily. We will gladly share with you our vision for the region's development. maybe it’s you who will inspire us? go ahead! We will welcome you.


First let’s get to know a little bit about each other - who are we? – here’s a few facts about us

  1. Podkarpackie’s ROT is one of the 16 regional tourist organisations, but still unique. Why? Because there is only one Podkarpackie Voivodeship!

  2. Since 2002, we have been operating as an Alliance of Associations under the Act on the Polish Tourist Organisation and the Act on Associations. Our activities are supervised by the minister responsible for tourism.

  3. We are a non-profit organisation, and we finance ourselves from membership fees and subsidies, as well as economic activities (publishing, expert opinions, training, etc.). We actively seek funds from aid programmes and subsidies from public administration budgets.

  4. Our members include the leading lights of Podkarpackie tourism, but also other organisations that make up the unique tourist ecosystem of Podkarpackie (Podkarpackie Province, the most attractive tourist cities and communes, associations and companies of the tourism sector, museums and other cultural institutions).


Where are we heading? - our goals and tasks

As we mentioned before, the apple of our eye is the development of tourism and the promotion of the region. Every day, we literally work two or three times as hard to create and strengthen the tourist image of Podkarpackie. Out of passion for Podkarpackie, we are eager to discover and develop new tourism products. We are excited about planning, inspiring and coordinating tourist events, which provide an excellent opportunity to bring together the tourist community.

Our educational mission is also important to us. We carry this out by improving the professional qualifications of tourist staff, organising various industry training courses that meet current needs, and also by conducting research on tourist traffic and our tourist image and disseminating the knowledge obtained during these activities. When asked, we are glad to share our experience, thoughts and opinions on Podkarpackie tourism on the media, at industry meetings or in the form of expert opinions. Our role also includes the certification of regional tourist information points.


What are we proud of? - briefly about our activities ...

The 20 years of our activity have covered a time of many inspiring experiences, much acquisition of knowledge and the co-creation of Podkarpackie tourism. We attach particular value to the following tourist products and resources: Sky-Blue San Water Trail, Wooden Architecture Trail, COP Trail, Spacerownik Rzeszowski, Podkarpacka Traveltanna and our latest achievement: Etnolas.

We are active on social media. We invite you to follow the content we create and get inspiration on FB @ podkarpackie.travel and IG @podkarpackietravel.


Where can you meet us?

On an everyday basis, you will find us in a cosy office at ul. Grunwaldzka 2 in Rzeszów. However, we love to hit the road to various parts of Podkarpackie - both professionally and privately. Sometimes our mission takes us a bit further ... but we always come back - with new observations and ideas.

You can meet us virtually here and on our social media channels:

FB @Podkarpackie.Travel


IG @podkarpackietravel

YT www.youtube.com/podkarpackarot