If you want to show your children the world of adventures, bring them to the Bieszczady Mountains. Here you will find countless trails excellent for the first outing with the young ones, whether they travel on foot or in a carrier.


9 options for family trips in the Bieszczady

  1. The first walking trip recommended for families leads to Łopienka along a trail which is very popular among tourists. Before WWII, it was a village, today the only relic is a picturesque brick tserkov. In the past the church used to hold a miraculous icon of the God’s Mother (today in the church in Polańczyk). In Łopienka you can also see a sacred spring and take a break at a roofed area specially designed for tourists. A walk to Łopienka, through a lovely valley along a mountain stream, will take approximately 40 minutes (one way); in fact you can take a stroll even with a pram. The itinerary starts in the middle of the road between the villages of Buk and Polanki.

through a lovely valley along a mountain stream


Adrian_Czech_Rajskie_4736.jpg [6.60 MB]

  1. Dźwiniacz Górny is another old village in the Bieszczady which did not survive the turmoil of history. You can get there by following a quiet and picturesque route leading from Tarnawa Niżna to Dźwiniacz Górny. The natural history trail in part leads along footbridges, over a peat bog, to the area formerly occupied by the village where today you can only see such relics as a few crosses and a graveyard. The route is rather easy because generally there are no differences in elevation. Yet here the young ones will have to travel on foot or in carriers as prams are not suitable for the road. The start and the end of the trail is in the village of Tarnawa Niżna, and the walk will take approximately two hours.

You can get there by following a quiet and picturesque route


  1. On your way back you should take a break in Muczne and visit the Wisent Enclosure, a must-see for all those travelling in the Bieszczady with children. Standing on viewing platforms you can admire wisents (European bison) in their natural environment. In fact the Enclosure itself is also an interesting destination for visitors.

a must-see for all those travelling in the Bieszczady with children


  1. Now let us move from the Valley of the San River to the western part of the Large Ring-Road of the Bieszczady. The Valley of Rabski Stream, starting in Bystre near Baligród, is the third destination we recommend for those visiting the Bieszczady with their kids. In the valley there are a few trails, some of them accessible to prams. The route is interesting, as it leads e.g. to Gołoborze nature reserve, Synarewo shrine with a holy well and to areas formerly comprising the village of Rabe. In the valley you can also see the Rabskie spring, a rare source of acidulous water containing arsenic, excellent in treatment of cardiovascular diseases.  

Rabskie spring, a rare source of acidulous water containing arsenic


In recent years a number of scenic towers have been built in the Bieszczady and they will definitely be enjoyed by both adults and children. The first one is located on top of Mount Korbania which can most easily be accessed from the village of Bukowiec. It will take you about one hour and a half to climb to the summit, and the effort will be rewarded with unforgettable views of Lake Solina and the High Bieszczady Mountains.

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a number of scenic towers


  1. Another scenic tower is located in the vicinity of Cisna, along the Jeleni Skok route. It is a bit more easily accessible than Mount Korbania. Although the road leads uphill, you will reach the destination from Cisna in less than one hour.

Another scenic tower is located in the vicinity of Cisna


  1. The most recently built scenic tower in the Bieszczady is a good choice for those travelling by car and those who are not strong enough for hiking trips. The structure is located along the road between Cisna and Komańcza, at Szczerbanówka Pass. Just park your car, and climb to the viewing platform to admire the picturesque grass-covered mountain tops.


  1. Easily accessible attractions which will definitely be appreciated by youngsters include rides by Bieszczady Rail-Cycle Draisine …


  1. …and trips by Bieszczady Forest Train. The former has become extremely popular in recent years, and the latter has for decades been an “obligatory” destination for visitors to the Bieszczady.


The text was written thanks to the support and advice from Karolina Kiwior, mountain guide of PTTK Association, tour leader, and member of the Bieszczady Group of GOPR Rescue Service.