"I love coming here, I absolutely love coming here". - These are the words of Karol Wójcicki, a well-known popularizer of astronomy, from one of the episodes of "Palcem po niebie," and the reference is, of course, to the Bieszczady Mountains.

What makes the Bieszczady sky a mecca for lovers of astronomy, astrophotography and astrotourism is the Starry-Sky Park "Bieszczady" - an area protected from artificial light pollution. It can be said that the beauty of the natural, "wild" sky is greatly appreciated here. Its high quality allows to see approximately 7,000 stars with naked eye! In comparison, only 2,500 stars can be seen in rural areas in the Polish area.


Let's discover a few stars and galaxies in the Bieszczady sky

The Bieszczady sky always delights, but its special magic can be experienced in August, because in addition to the Milky Way, this is when we can also see the Perseids, or so-called shooting stars, and in mid-August, as many as a hundred of them can be seen in one hour. In summer, the Milky Way, which looks like a shimmering cloud, can be seen in the Bieszczady National Park. We are in Tarnawa Niżna, where in summer, in addition to the magnificent Milky Way stretching from one side of the horizon to the other, it is possible to see Saturn and Jupiter appearing by the first half of the night.


It is also possible observe with the naked eye the brightest star, Sirius, and the Andromeda Galaxy. We can also take a slightly closer look at the stars under the telescope in 150x magnification. The magic and beauty of the fabulous starry sky is a sight one will always remember. There is also a great souvenir of the astronomy show available - a photo against the background of the cosmic Milky Way.

Adrian_Drąg_Tarnica_6838.webp [203.56 KB] Tarnica, photo: Adrian Drąg


Marcel_Dezor_548.webp [2.51 MB] STARRY-SKY PARK "BIESZCZADY", photo: Marcel Dezor

Best Places for Star Gazing in the Bieszczady


The magic of celestial bodies can also be felt at the Starry Astrotourism Farm "Gwiezdne Dolistowie" in Dwernik, which is run by Edyta Wyban and Pavol Duris - organizers of astronomical shows on the territory of the Starry Sky Park "Bieszczady". Here you can admire planets, nebulae and galaxies both with the naked eye and with the use of telescopes available in each house.


Excellent conditions for observing the planets and constellations can also be found in several other places, such as: in the iconic Sociologist's Hut erected on the top of the Otryt range, the vantage point in Lutowiska, the Wyżna and Wyżniańska passes, Połonina Wetlinska mountain meadows, where the new Chatka Puchatka - Pooh Corner is now located, and Przysłup Caryński Pass.





Edyta Wyban, Pavol Duris

Dwernik 11A

38-713 Lutowiska


Map of Bieszczady Attractions