Do you like to spend your time actively in a beautiful natural setting? If so, this Bieszczady attraction is perfect for you. The beautiful route of the railroad line No. 108 leading from Zagórz to Krościenko, built in 1872, can be traversed in a bicycle draisine. Poland's largest touristic bicycle draisine rental facility is located in Uherce Mineralne.


Draisines are powered by the muscles of its passengers, which is similar to riding a bicycle. Each draisine is constructed in the same way. The base consists of a platform measuring 2.2 x 1.75 meters. Two people set the mechanism in motion. It includes a two-person bench on the back, and a basket for luggage at the front.


Draisines Adventures in Bieszczady


It is possible to collect a fifth passenger if it is a child.  It is certainly a form of active recreation, as well as an alternative way to explore the beauty and richness of the region. Molotov Line fortifications, beaver lodges and the Kostrzyń railroad tunnel are just some of the attractions passed along the various routes.


From the station in Uherce Mineralne there is a choice of rides according to the current timetable.


In the main building of the station there is a store with regional souvenirs.

IMG_7196.webp [218.27 KB] photo: Bieszczady Bicycle Draisines



Main Station

Uherce Mineralne 62a, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne (former railway station)

phone: 570 770 108 (open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)