"First - slowly - like a tortoise - sluggishly, the machine sluggishly started rolling on the rails" - this is how you can start a journey through the Bieszczady abandoned villages, through mountains and valleys. The Bieszczady Forest Railway, as it is referred to here, is a narrow-gauge railroad launched nearly 150 years ago, and nowadays it provides a lot of thrills and excitement as the highest narrow-gauge railroad in Poland. If you're wondering what is worth seeing in the Bieszczady Mountains, this attraction is just for you.


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Popular Attraction of Bieszczady

The train includes enclosed and open carriages, so one can directly interact with nature. During the "train" ride, we can spot old roads, fruit trees and other traces of the villages that once existed here. With the eyes of our imagination we see the buildings of the old villages, grazing animals and people at work in the fields and forests. The Bieszczady Railway moves slowly to enjoy the unique Bieszczady nature.


Bieszczady Train: From Timber Transport to Tourist Hit

Originally, the "Bieszczady Choo Choo Train" was not designed to carry people, but was used to transport timber from hard-to-reach areas. Bieszczady wood was highly esteemed and reached the farthest corners of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Unfortunately, both world wars and the unprofitability of timber exports caused the tracks and rolling stock to deteriorate and rust, so that timber transportation was abandoned. Luckily, in time, another use was found for the abandoned railcars and the entire fleet was turned into a tourist attraction for transporting tourists.

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In Majdan, where the main station of the Bieszczady railroad is located, you can feel the passing of time by entering the museum chamber or viewing the old rolling stock. It is also an opportunity to taste local dishes, which can be bought at stands located next to the parking lot, including proziaki, a traditional type of flatbread with garlic butter or fuczki - delicious pancakes made of soured cabbage.


Come, take a ride on a Bieszczady train and experience the adventure yourself!



Bieszczady Forest Railway

Majdan 17

38-607 Cisna

tel. 13 468 63 35



Map of Bieszczady attractions