The Bieszczady Mountains are primarily the greenery - the green of beech, fir and mixed forest. Walking through the Bieszczady forests, we can breathe in the fresh mountain air permeated with the scent of resin, needles and warm forest litter.

Mateusz_Marek_Cisna_4074.webp [1.26 MB] BIESZCZADY FORESTS photo: Mateusz Marek

Bieszczady - The Heart of Wild Forests

Bieszczady, from the gateway of the Bieszczady Mountains, which is considered to be the Galician city of Lesko, to the very edge, the so-called Bieszczady sack - the area around the source of the San River, abounds in forests. Forest complexes are intersected by numerous roads - slopes. On the area of 292 thousand km2, you can find mainly deciduous and mixed forests, and 15% of them are primary. High peat bogs can be found in the upper San River valley, e.g. Tarnawa, Dźwiniacz and Łokieć. The Bieszczady forest districts have discovered the tourist potential of these roads and made some of them available to tourists - hikers and cycling enthusiasts. This way, we can safely and pleasantly enjoy the delights of forest hiking.


Tourist Attractions and Trails in the Bieszczady

On the way, we can admire historical attractions - remnants of the former inhabitants of the Bieszczady valleys and natural attractions, including numerous nature reserves. The Baligród Forest District has a leading contribution to the development of forest tourism. This forest district hosts the most interesting trails through the beautiful Rabski Stream valley, shelters, campfire sites and thematic paths. Particularly worthy of a visit are the monumental Huczwice quarries, the Gołoborze Reserve and Bobrowe Lake.

The Baligrod Forest District also includes the famous Orthodox Church in Łopienka and the Sine Wiry Nature Reserve in the valley of the mountain river Wetlinka.


Mountain forest districts - Cisna, Lutowiska - also offer marked forest trails on their territory, including nature trails and educational trails. Bison Showcase Homestead in Muczne, the Krywe Reserve in the upper San River valley, and walking paths in the Tarnawa bogs are also worth a visit.


Quite a few of the most interesting routes have been marked. A number of small architectural objects such as shelters, wooden bridges over streams, benches and separate fire places have been built here.


Parking areas at the entrances to selected trails are also available.

Adam_Janusz_Rezerwat_Sine_Wiry_826.webp [901.57 KB] Sine Wiry Nature Reserve photo: Adam Janusz




Forestry Promotion Center in Muczne


Stuposiany 4

Exhibition Bison enclosure in Muczne


Bieszczady National Park


Map of Bieszczady Attractions