Cycling through the Bieszczady Mountains

A bicycle escapade among the Bieszczady nature is a treat for lovers of active recreation. The Bieszczady Mountains offer the opportunity to experience a unique adventure along bicycle trails.

Bieszczady on Two Wheels

Regardless of what kind of bike you have and how fit you are, there is a route for you in the Bieszczady Mountains. The Bieszczady Mountains are, of course, mountains, but it is worth realizing that between these mountains you can find picturesque valleys perfect for less skilled riders. Life flourishes in the valleys. There are places where people live, stores function, and there is extensive road infrastructure. But in the Bieszczady Mountains you will easily find such places, where life is forest wildlife, forgotten gravel trails, lush forest vegetation, swiftly flowing mountain streams. It's up to you which path you want to choose.

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Bieszczady Bike Trails

Advanced cyclists, who like speed and challenges, can choose winding, paved roads leading through the Słonne Mountains range. They can find restored pavements, serpentine roads, winding forest roads, picturesque villages, monuments of wooden architecture - Orthodox churches and one-acre chyzha - Lemko style huts.


Mountain bike owners will discover dozens of kilometers of gravel roads leading through forested valleys crisscrossed by mountain streams with cold water to soothe tired feet. It is worth mentioning that along such gravel roads (called slopes here) you can also find resting places - shelters, wooden shelters, to wait out the spring storm that caught you on the trail. The bicycle, as an environmentally-friendly device, gives the opportunity to visit some of the nature reserves and, at the same time, more time to commune with the wild Bieszczady nature.


Traditional bicycle rentals, but also and those gaining in popularity - electric bicycles, are available in Bieszczady Mountains.





Sample routes in bieszczady

  1. Tyrawa Wołoska to Załuża, from where continue through Sobień (reserve and castle), right through Manasterzec towards Bezmiechowa (gliding site), further through the forest to Wańkowa (ski lift, restaurant and Tyrolka) and through Paszowa, Rakowa, along a loop to Tyrawa Wołoska.
  2. Bezmiechowa through Wańkowa /lift, through Serednica to Brzegi Górne and return through Łodyna (one of the first oil mines still operating), Ropienka to Wańkowa - this is a shorter route of approximately 40 km.



Rental of electric and trekking bicycles in bieszczady

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