Have you ever had the chance to admire the sunset from the surface of Lake Solina in the Bieszczady Mountains? Watching this majestic star disappear behind the hills of Solina from the perspective of the water will make you fall in love with this Bieszczady spot forever.

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The Solina Dam - An Attraction of Bieszczady

Lake Solina is Poland's largest artificial lake created as a result of flooding the valleys of two Bieszczady rivers - the San and Solinka. The unique atmosphere of the mountain lake, hidden among the famous green hills of Solina, makes this place special and unique.


The lake was created along with the building of Poland's largest dam in Solina, which is 81.8 meters high and 664 meters long. The dam itself is a unique structure worth seeing both while walking along its majestic crown and from inside. The reservoir has an area of approximately 22 km² and the largest capacity in Poland - 472 million m³.


Are you curious about how masses of flowing water are turned into electricity? You can discover this by exploring the interior of the Solina Dam.



Relaxation by Lake Solina


Resting by the clear waters of the Solina can be equally energizing. The coastline, almost 160 kilometers long, consists of numerous smaller and larger bays, headlands, peninsulas and stone fjords that can only be reached by water. As the banks of the Solina River are difficult to access, it is quiet and the wild Bieszczady nature plays first fiddle here.


Rent a kayak, pedal boat or electric boat, which does not require a license, and go on a cruise to get to know the secrets of Solina! Explore the branches of tributaries - the San and Solinka, which, as mountain rivers, make up this magnificent place, relentlessly supplying its depths with crystal clear water straight from the mountainous Bieszczady springs.


Discover places where a rushing river turns into a lake, and during your journey, stop at one of the bays, light a campfire and enjoy the proximity of wildlife.


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