The lovely manor house in Kombornia is a good example of a residence of moderately wealthy nobility in Poland years ago


Kombornia 1

38-420 Korczyna k/Krosna

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The nest of the Urbański family, representatives of the nobility once living in the Sanok area. A bower manor house was originally built in the 17th century, and reconstructed at the end of the 19th century in a classical style. Added later, an octagonal neo-Baroque tower with a chapel as well as a winter garden were designed to link the manor house with an out-house which was converted into the manor’s wing. The alterations followed the prevailing fashion of the time. The original Italian-style garden comprised ponds arranged as a water parterre, possibly created within a formerly existing moat; the park was redesigned in the last quarter of the 19th century into a landscaped establishment incorporating a natural oak forest. You can see here numerous monumental trees representing species native to Poland and some exotic specimens. The peculiarity here is a Durmast oak with stalk-less acorns, one of only two specimens growing in the Podkarpackie region. Its natural topography contributes to the scenic value of the garden, which can be admired from the manor house. 


In recent years the manor house was acquired by a private investor and was thoroughly restored. New structures were added and today the establishment is used for commercial purposes.


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