The Tourist Card is a convenient and intuitive app that becomes your all-round guide when visiting Krosno.

Muzeum Rzemiosła

ul. Józefa Piłsudskiego 19

38-400 Krosno

Phone: 13 432 41 88





Package 24 at the price of PLN 60.00 normal and PLN 45.00 concessionary


Package 48 at the price of PLN 100.00 normal and PLN 70.00 concessionary


Package 72 at the price of PLN 100.0 normal and PLN 140.00 concessionary

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Discover Krosno with the Krosno Tourist Card

Travelling is the art of discovery, and the Krosno Tourist Card is the key to the treasures of Krosno. It is not just a ticket but a gateway to unforgettable experiences in this charming corner of Subcarpathia. Krosno, a city with a rich history and culture, captivates with its beauty. With the Krosno Tourist Card, you can immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere and discover everything the city offers.


The Krosno Tourist Card is an innovative solution for tourists, allowing access to all of Krosno's major attractions with a single ticket. The card entitles you to free or discounted entries to museums, monuments, recreational and sports facilities in Krosno and its surroundings. It's a perfect solution for families with children looking to maximize their sightseeing time and individual travellers who value freedom and flexibility. Through it, you can dive into the culture and history of the region, discovering its most precious treasures.


Krosno Tourist Card – your ticket to adventure

The Tourist Card is a user-friendly app which can be topped up with a chosen package. Three-time options are available: 24, 48, and 72 hours. You decide what and in what order you want to visit. That allows you to tailor your trip to your preferences and pace. Whether you wish to spend the whole day in a museum, immersing yourself in the region's history, or prefer to stay active using recreational and sports facilities – the choice is yours. The Tourist Card gives you the freedom and flexibility so crucial during travel.


What is included in the Krosno Tourist Card?

The Krosno Tourist Card grants access to Krosno's prominent tourist spots and gives various perks. It enables free or discounted admission to museums, historical sites, sports and leisure centres in Krosno and nearby areas. With the card, you can visit places like the Subcarpathian Museum, Farna Tower, Art Exhibition Office (BWA), Swimming Pool Complex, The Ethnocentre of the Krosno Region, Glass Heritage Center, Craft Museum, PodCieniami Cellar, Rope Park, and the Oil and Gas Industry Museum in Bobrka.


But that is not all! The Tourist Card also offers a range of discounts at selected restaurants, hotels, and shops. It enables you to taste local cuisine at the Sezonova restaurant with a 10% discount, relax at the Portius Hotel with a 10% discount, or try local beers at DobryBro with a 10% discount. These are just a few benefits waiting for Krosno Tourist Card holders.


Embark on an adventure!

The Krosno Tourist Card is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to explore the city and its surroundings. With it, sightseeing becomes more accessible, cheaper, and comfortable. Whether visiting for the first time or being a regular visitor, the Tourist Card will help you see Krosno in a new light. With the Krosno Tourist Card, the city becomes your playground full of unforgettable experiences and attractions. Don't wait – discover Krosno on your terms!