Tserkov in Moszczanica was remodelled or redecorated a number of times during the 1800s. Subsequently it was thoroughly reconstructed in 1930

Tserkov in Moszczanica

Moszczanica 86

37-632 Moszczanica


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The landmark is an example of traditional archaic sacral architecture of old Ruthenia. The tripartite log building, oriented eastward, comprises a large sacristy adjoining the chancel. Over the nave there is an eight-panel dome on a tall drum. The other chambers are covered with double-pitched roofs. In the chancel we can see a coved flat ceiling, and in the narthex a false trapezoid ceiling. On the dome we can see a false roof lantern with onion-shaped cupola. The outer walls are clad with vertical wood planks with moulding.


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Photo: Wawrzyniec Augustyn