If your main motive for traveling is meeting people, festivals and various events, be sure to visit Roztocze. Famous artists, but also native folk bands will play for you. Local hosts will treat you to plenty of delicious food, and handicraftsmen will introduce you to their creations. Those who are passionate about physical activity will certainly not complain, as the events include bicycle rallies, and art lovers will have the opportunity to see interesting theatrical performances.

Among the best-known festivals in Roztocze, the following event should be mentioned first and foremost the Festival of Borderland Culture Folkowisko in the village of Gorajec - an interdisciplinary event dedicated to traditional culture.  Cieszanów Rock Festival held in August in a picturesque village on the edge of Roztocze - Cieszanów Rock Festival - people, music, atmosphereis also an unforgettable experience.

Below you can find more information on events in Roztocze that you just can't miss.




fot. Marcin Trzpiot (6) Folkowisko.webp [765.06 KB] Folkowisko, photo: Marcin Trzpiot



Folkowisko is one of Europe's most important festivals, which for a few days a year transforms Gorajec, a quiet village with a population of just 32 people, into a place bustling with fun.


Concerts, theatrical performances, various workshops, exhibitions, discussions, lectures, rallies (on foot, by bicycle, by car) are the attractions that await festival participants. It is all bound by the traditional culture of Roztocze.

Over the 10 years and during the 10 editions, Folkowisko has hosted on its stage many artists who are known not only in Poland, but also in the world. Initially, the event attracted artists mainly associated with folk, folk music, but over the years and as the organizers gained experience, they found it necessary to broaden the festival's horizons to include more diverse musical genres. Consequently, for several years now, the Folkowisko stage has also featured folk-rock (Żywiołak), reggae (Boleo&Follow The Riddim), pop (Monika Kowalczuk) or so-called Polish alternative (Pablopavo and Ludziki) bands. Folkowisko is an international event, so bands from Ukraine (Joryj Kłoc), Belarus (Vuraj) or Hungary (Bohemians Betyars) also perform on the festival stage.


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Date: July 11th - 13th, 2024






Cieszanów Rock Festival


Thousands of attendees visit the small town of Cieszanów every year to be carried away by the sounds of Poland's leading rock bands (e.g. Jelonek, Kazik, T.Love). Fun at the bathing area, a review of young bands or all-night parties at the campground are some of the attractions that create its unique atmosphere. The participation of local residents is an inherent element during each edition of the event. The festival must not miss the ladies of the Rural Housewives' Circle, who feed the festival goers with the already famous Cieszanów dumplings.


Cieszanów Rock Festival, is one of the fastest growing music festivals in the country, dating back to the now legendary Breakout Festival. It creates its own style combining the tradition and atmosphere of old festivals with modern communication and social engagement.


Learn moreDate: August 15th - 17th, 2024

fot. Robert Kryla CieszFanów.webp [519.81 KB] Cieszanów Rock Festiwal, photo: Robert Kryla



8L1A4377.webp [2.77 MB] photo: Stowarzyszenie Geoturystyczne “Roztocze Wschodnie”

Festival of Bicycle Tourism - ROZTOCZE WITHOUT BORDERS


One of the largest events in the Roztocze, organized jointly by the districts of Lubaczow and Tomaszow (Lublin Province), promoting active cycling surrounded by the beautiful nature and monuments of the Roztocze.


The festival includes bicycle rallies along routes rich in tourist attractions. In 2020, e.g. "Roztocze Geotourist Rally" was held, where cyclists could visit a Miocene sea cliff with fossils from 15 million years ago. And as part of the "Rally along the routes of the Roztocze Biosphere" in 2022, they traveled e.g. through areas of the Solska Forest Landscape Park.


The event offers numerous competitions and side events, such as bike-related shows and presentations, concerts by local artists and attractions for children.


Learn moreDate: May 31st - 2nd June, 2024




Borderlands Heritage Festival


The event attracts several thousand people each year. It promotes the heritage, history and culture of the former Borderlands of the Republic of Poland through a myriad of attractions from which everyone will choose something for themselves - all week long.


During past editions, music lovers could attend concerts of e.g. Orthodox, Jewish or Klezmer music. Hungry for knowledge, they listened to interesting lectures and had the opportunity to gain additional skills during interesting workshops. It also offers multiple culinary experiences, with competitions of this kind, stalls of housewives' circles or local food producers.


The Festival's finale is held annually at the Kresowa Osada in Basznia Dolna.


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Koncert-Horyniec-Zdrój-fot-Krystian-Kłysewicz-57.webp [124.52 KB] Borderlands Heritage Festival, photo: K. Kłysewicz





Art Festiwal Musical Bodo fot Tomasz Mielnik.webp [451.15 KB] Horyniec – Zdrój Art Festiwal, photo: Tomasz Mielnik

Horyniec-Zdrój Art Festival


It is a festival of art on the border of cultures, where music, literature and film intertwine to create a unique whole.

Jazz improvisations and piano concerts are held at the amphitheater in Horyniec Spa Park, while the Old Cinema screens pre-war Polish films. Book talks are also held, where kids can learn how to create a book illustration. It is worth taking part in the festival and meeting famous figures - it was attended by Joanna Szczepkowska, Zbigniew Zamachowski and Dariusz Kordek over the years.


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Theatrical Feast

in Horyniec-Zdrój


Every year during the winter holidays, 10 amateur small form theater groups from Poland come to Horyniec-Zdroj . They are selected from among many proposals and perform for three days, competing for financial prizes.


Of course, residents, spa-goers as well as ordinary tourists have the opportunity to attend the performances. Perhaps they can see a future theater and film star on stage, as Tomasz Karolak, for example, took his first steps here. It is worth mentioning that this is the oldest festival of its kind in the country.


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11 Teatr Ad Rem fot Krystian Kłysewicz 25.webp [256.57 KB] Theatrical Feast in Horyniec-Zdrój, photo: Krystian Kłysewicz




Święto Pieroga fot Krystian Kłysewicz 5.webp [320.74 KB] Pierogi Festival, photo: Krystian Kłysewicz

Pierogi Festival

Ukrainian, with meat, Balkan with garlic sauce, with beaver meat and horseradish-cranberry sauce, with chanterelle mushrooms, blackberries, with apples and cream, with blackberries, berries, with lungs, spicy, with liver, with carp, with groats, mushrooms and lovage - these are just some of the dumpling flavors you can taste during the event. The ladies of the rural housewives' circles cook as many as 20 thousand pieces in total!


It hosts mandatory contests and the most delicious dumpling is chosen. Participants, on the other hand, can take part in another competition and become Miss Pierogi Festival.





Imperial and Royal Galician Fair in Narol


Multicultural Galician towns and their old fairs are what this event refers to. Plenty of borderland food, works by local artisans and music with a folk vibe are just some of the many attractions of the fair. A Liquor Competition is also held here periodically. Narol is one of the most interesting places in Roztocze.


Learn moreDate: July 11th - 13th, 2024

DSC00250.webp [747.35 KB] Imperial and Royal Galician Fair, photo: Barbara Waniurska




Provincial Exhibition of Coldblooded Horses


Every year, beautiful cold-blooded horses attend the stadium in Oleszyce to compete for the title of the most beautiful horse of the show. Awards are also given in minor categories. It is worth coming here and admiring not only the handsome mares and stallions, but also the spectacular horse carriage shows.




District Festival of Hunting Traditions and Cuisine


A festival of hunters, offering plenty of attractions. It hosts performances by signalmen playing their horns, hunting dog shows, accompanied by the smells of game dishes. The festival is always hosted in a different location. So far, lovers of hunting cuisine have had the opportunity to meet in Stary Dzików, Horyniec-Zdrój, Krowica Sama, Narol and Oleszyce.

DSC_6005.webp [616.97 KB] District Festival of Hunting Traditions and Cuisine, photo: Krzysztof Stępień