Roztocze, known for its picturesque landscapes and pristine nature, becomes the arena for one of the most anticipated and interesting events in Roztocze each year – the Cieszanów Rock Festival. This unique musical event, held in Cieszanów, attracts rock fans and more, offering unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to discover the cultural and natural richness of the region.

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The Cieszanów Rock Festival is the perfect place for those who appreciate high-quality music, an extraordinary atmosphere, and the opportunity to combine a passion for music with exploring the charms of Roztocze. Each edition of the festival is a new story, new experiences, and memories that stay with participants for a long time. Whether you are a regular attendee or planning your first visit, the Cieszanów Rock Festival invites you to celebrate music together and discover the uniqueness of Roztocze.



The Cieszanów Rock Festival is one of the most dynamically developing music festivals in the country, rooted in the legendary Breakout Festival. It creates its own style by combining the tradition and atmosphere of past festivals with modern communication and social engagement.


Since its inception in 2010, the Cieszanów Rock Festival has hosted many distinguished artists on its stage. With each year, the festival's lineup has grown to include more prominent names from the Polish and international music scene, attracting crowds of fans. In 2015, performances by bands such as Coma and Dżem drew throngs of fans from all over the country. The year 2018 was marked in the festival's history by exceptional concerts by the legendary Perfect and the energetic Happysad, further affirming Cieszanów's status as a must-visit spot on Poland's festival map. After the 2019 edition, the Cieszanów Rock Festival brand disappeared from the market for a while, and the festival in Cieszanów was renamed to CieszFanów Festival. This change in formula succeeded in attracting new enthusiasts for leisure in Cieszanów, accompanied by unforgettable musical emotions.


From 2020 to 2023, bands such as Łydka Grubasa, Dirty Shirt, Poparzeni Kawą Trzy, and Nocny Kochanek could be found in Cieszanów.


From the year 2024, the festival in Cieszanów has once again adopted the name Cieszanów Rock Festival. The organizers are returning to the old formula, where strong, rock music takes the lead, irresistible even to the most discerning connoisseurs.



The festival enriches its musical offer with a variety of additional attractions, including music workshops, direct meetings with artists, and entertainment and outdoor activity zones, making it an excellent place for summer relaxation. An integral part of the festival is the presence of ladies from local Rural Housewives' Circles, who traditionally feed festival participants with famous pierogi, adding a unique, regional flavor to the event. Participating in the activities of the NGO zone, CITY NGO, which attracts organizations from all over the country, is also an unforgettable experience. This zone hosts meetings with writers, judges, and even court trial simulations. It is family-friendly, just like the entire Cieszanów Rock Festival.



When planning to attend the Cieszanów Rock Festival, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the event program, list of artists, and available accommodation options in advance. The region offers a wide selection of lodging options – from campsites and camper spots to interesting agritourism options, ensuring that everyone can find something suitable for themselves.


Suggested accommodations:

Teddy Camp (Wędrowiec Bathing Beach) – summer houses,

LEŚNA CHATA in kowalówka... and above all, a tent field located near the festival square!



While visiting the Cieszanów Rock Festival, it's also worth setting aside time to discover the attractions of Roztocze. This region is full of landmarks and places worth seeing. Hiking and biking trails, historic churches, wild animals in their natural habitat. And after a day full of impressions, the festival stage invites you to evening concerts under the stars.


Recommended attractions

  • The Church of St. George in Cieszanów,
  • The Former Synagogue in Cieszanów,
  • Occasional murals in Cieszanów, created during the festivals,
  • The bathing beach in Cieszanów,
  • The Church Complex in Radruż,

Horyniec-Zdrój SPA

palace in narol

Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów

Basznia Station

Astronomical Observatory in Tymce

Kresowa Osada – Borderland Settlement in Basznia Dolna




Photo: Tomasz Róg - CKiS in Cieszanów