Cieszanów in South Roztocze is a real paradise for culture enthusiasts and all those appreciating multicultural environment



how to get there

The beauty of the city can amaze. The Kościuszki and Skorupki streets are characterized by unchanged small town look from early 20th c. Eye-catching are also buildings which motives reminding of Tirolean architecture and Saint Wojciech church built in 1800 founded by Jan Zamoyski. The Tzadik’s grave and the newly renovated synagogue built in 1889 make Cieszanów a pilgrimage destination of Hasidim. In combining many cultures Cieszanów there is also over 100 years old brick Greek-Catholic St. George tserkov with valuable polychrome by world-wide known artist Grzegorz Kuźniewicz. Now after the renovation, it serves as a concert hall and exhibition centre. The traces of history are worth attention. In Cieszanów there is a monument which commemorates Jan III Sobieski, founded in 1883 in 200 anniversary of Battle of Vienna, in act of gratitude for saving the town from Tatars in 1672 and releasing thousands of captives.


Cieszanów is also a great place for those who value active leisure. Among attractions there are a year-round artificial ice rink and the diverse offer of Sport-Recreational Centre called ‘Wędrowiec’ situated by the lake with sandy beach, where kayaks, water bicycles and 11 huts can be rented. In  the local area there are well developed cycle trails. Exhausted cyclotourists will be sheltered by a nearby agro-touristic place called Chutor Gorajec.


Organised in Roztocze Cieszanów Rock Festival and Borderline Culture Festival are two summer cyclical events, which found their permanent place in Polish calendar of festivals.


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Places worth seeing nearby:

Tserkov in Gorajec

Tserkov in Kowalówka

old war shelters of „Mołotov Line”

Tserkov in Nowe Brusno

Muzeum Kresów in Lubaczów

Kresowa Osada in Basznia Dolna

Pałac Łosiów in Narol (Carpathian Trail of Historical Houses and Gardens)

Horyniec-Zdrój SPA

Greek Catholic Church in Radruż (UNESCO)

Tserkov in Stare Oleszyce

Tserkov in Wielkie Oczy


Basznia Station

Astronomical Observatory in Tymce

Polish konik Farm in Gorajec 

Woodcut workshop in Płazów


  • 'Jedlina' nature reserve in Cieszanów municipality
  • crosses from Brusno on old cemetery in Stare Brusno
  • 'Nad Tanwią' – nature reserve in Susiec municipality
  • 'Sołokija' – nature reserve in Dziewięcierz
  • 'Minokąt' – nature reserve in Narol municipality
  • 'Polanka' – agrotourism farm in Polanka Horyniecka




Photo: Podkarpackie Regional Tourism Board