The eastern borderland (Kresy) is a unique territory, where different nations have co-existed for centuries and created a cultural mosaic

Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów

Sobieskiego 4
37-600 Lubaczów

Phone: +48 16 632 18 02

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In the Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów visitors can feel the local atmosphere when touring around a specially arranged peasant’s dwelling and admiring works of art salvaged from the former Archdiocese of Lviv. Among the many exhibits, there are also antique coins proving that local people had contacts with the Roman Empire or its provinces. Those passionate about art can admire one of the largest collections of contemporary drawings, presenting works of Polish artists, such as Zdzisław Beksiński, Tadeusz Kulisiewicz, Kazimierz Mikulski, Alfred Lenica, Erna Rosenstein and Andrzej Kobzdej.


The museum is housed in a historic granary from the 18th century. It organizes workshops on history, and runs research projects and publishing activity. Since 1993, the museum has also been organizing a national triennale of drawing, and some works submitted for this competition (receiving major awards and merit awards) stay in the museum collection. In 2010, the Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów took over the complex of buildings of the church of St. Paraskeva in Radruż and established a branch of the institution in its interiors.



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Photo: Alicja Mróz, Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów