Polanka Farm Stay and Horses is an oasis of calm where you can get away from the rush of everyday life and surrender to the enveloping tranquillity of your surroundings.

Polanka Farm Stay and Horses

Polanka Horyniecka 28,

Horyniec-Zdrój 37-620,

Phone: 509 244 842
e-mail: polanka@polankakonie.pl




The price for one person's stay is 80 PLN per night.


In case of accommodation for one night, an additional 10 PLN per person should be added to the listed prices.


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Polanka Farm Stay and Horses – discover the charm of Roztocze

We invite you to an extraordinary place where time seems to move slower and nature surrounds you with its pristine beauty. Polanka Farm Stay and Horses is a picturesque retreat from the hustle and bustle of the cities, set amidst the landscapes of Roztocze, where you can forget about daily worries and immerse yourself in a genuinely magical travel experience. It is the perfect destination for families with children, nature enthusiasts, and anyone appreciating tranquillity in harmony with the beauty of Polish nature.


Close to nature

Polanka Farm Stay and Horses offer an ideal blend of cosy farm stay comfort with the surrounding beauty. Guests can choose from two and four-person rooms located in a historic annexe building. Finished with wood and surrounded by lush greenery, they provide an enclave that allows you to disconnect from today's busy world. Accommodations intentionally lack television and radio to help focus on what is essential – the loved ones and the beautiful surroundings.


Nature is at the forefront here. Roztocze is one of Poland's most beautiful, yet still undiscovered, places. Polanka Farm Stay and Horses serves as an excellent base for uncovering the mysteries of its forests, hills, and streams. You can embark on picturesque hikes or cycle rides to experience the enchanting landscapes closely.


Activity and relaxation for everyone

Polanka Farm Stay and Horses offers a wide range of outdoor activities tailored to various interests. For nature lovers, trekking and hiking are excellent ways to immerse in the charm of Roztocze trails. Meanwhile, those seeking peace and relaxation will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunity to disconnect from reality and savour the silence and birdsong.


After an active day outdoors, guests can relax in the spacious, atmospheric lounge filled with books and board games that help foster human connections. Sun loungers and an outdoor dining table under the open sky are available, along with a firepit.


Visiting Polanka also provides an opportunity to taste local flavours and culture. The farm stay features a large kitchen equipped with all essential appliances. Cooking together is a chance to discover local dishes and have fun. A communal feast amid breathtaking landscapes is an unforgettable experience.


Dive into the Roztocze adventure

Polanka Farm Stay and Horses invite you to discover the true beauty of Roztocze. This enchanting place offers a peaceful connection with nature, lovely cottages, delectable regional cuisine, and stimulating activities meant to refresh your mind and body. It is ideal for a relaxing journey for families, nature lovers, and individual tourists.


Come to Polanka and feel the magic of Roztocze – an unforgettable adventure that will stay with you forever. Discover Polanka Farm Stay and Horses and gift yourself unique moments immersed in the heart of nature.


Choose Roztocze. Choose Polanka Farm Stay and Horses!


What to visit nearby?

Roztocze is a magical land where you can find treasures of nature and culture at every turn. Nearby, there are several places of interest, such as Horyniec Zdroj, the Palace in Narol, the Church Complex in Radruz and Wola Wielka. Additionally, you can visit the Astronomical Observatory in Tymce or the Railway Gallery in Baszna Dolna. If you enjoy cycling, the Eastern Bike Route Green Velo offers a scenic exploration route. Alternatively, take some time to immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings and appreciate the experience to the fullest.