Kresowa Osada – Borderland Settlement in Basznia Dolna is a perfect place for enthusiasts of history, traditional food and active tourism  in the vicinity of natural attractions of Roztocze

Kresowa Osada – Borderland Settlement in Basznia Dolna

Kolejowa 16
37-621 Basznia Dolna

phone: 500 738 500






Double room without breakfast - 150zl

3-bed room without breakfast - 200 zl

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Travelling back in time

Join us on an extraordinary time journey that will transport you to the multicultural Eastern Borderlands of the Polish Republic. Discover the charms of the "Kresowa Osada" – a theme village that offers not only accommodation but, above all, an unforgettable experience of cultural encounter. The place blends history, culture, and tradition, creating a unique atmosphere that lets you feel the spirit of ancient times.


Experience comfort

"Kresowa Osada" is a beautiful location that blends history, culture, tradition, and comfort. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a desk. Guests also have free wireless internet access.


However, there is more to it! The on-site restaurant offers delicious meals featuring Eastern Borderlands and regional cuisine. The flavours are expertly prepared using traditional recipes and are genuinely delightful.


Adventure awaits

"Kresowa Osada" is a place that every history enthusiast, regional flavours lover, and active tourism fan will love. The resort is located on the Lubaczow-Horyniec route, making it an excellent base for exploring the charms of Roztocze.


On the premises, you will find several thematic facilities that allow you to discover the cultural heritage of the Lubaczow Land. You can enjoy the trip to a reconstructed manor house, a country inn, a Local History Gallery and a century-old barn. At the Wloscianska farm, you can also bake a cake using late-traditional methods with the original equipment available.


Interested guests can also participate in various workshops that reveal the secrets of crafts: pottery, carpentry, blacksmithing, and calligraphy and culinary (both in the season).


Plenty of options are also available for those who enjoy active relaxation. You can rent bicycles, kayaks, Nordic walking poles, and enjoy gorgeous hiking and cycling trails nearby.


Family-friendly place

The "Kresowa Osada" is an excellent place for families with children. This facility offers educational field trips for schools and has exciting and entertaining activities for the little ones. Children can learn about history in a fun and interactive way while having a great time.


Several attractions within the premises are worth visiting. For instance, the Jan III Sobieski Museum and the Crystal Factory are a must-see. If you love nature, visit "Wesola Stodola" as it provides a view of different animal species.


And remember to try out the unique Jewish cuisine dishes at the Jewish Inn. This place allows you to experience the ambience of the former Borderlands and learn more about Jewish culture.


What to see nearby?

The area surrounding the centre is equally interesting. Whether interested in culture or prefer to spend time outdoors, you will find something for yourself. We particularly recommend: Basznia Station, the Astronomical Observatory in Tymchy, the Borderlands Museum in Lubaczow, the Horyniec-Zdroj Spa, and the Church Complex in Radruz.


Why visit Roztocze?

Roztocze is a region full of natural attractions. Beautiful landscapes, picturesque valleys, mountains, and rich flora and fauna make it a perfect place for nature lovers. You can admire unique rock formations, walk along forest paths, or observe wild animals.


Roztocze also has a rich history. Numerous monuments, such as castles, palaces, and churches, tell the story of this region's past.


Visit "Kresowa Osada" and discover the charms of Roztocze. Unforgettable experiences await you!


Places worth seeing nearby:


Museum of the Eastern Borderland in Lubaczów

Radruż - Greek-Catholic church



Palace in Narol

Tserkov in Nowe Brusno

South Roztocze Landscape Park

Basznia Station

Astronomical Observatory in Tymce

Polish Konik Farm in Gorajec



Photo: Wawrzyniec Augustyn