The very name of the village indicates that ordinary glass was once produced here. One significant advantage of Huta Różaniecka is its proximity to one of the popular attractions of Roztocze - the Szumy na Tanwi

Huta Różaniecka


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A maritime touch among tourist attractions of Roztocze

The Miocene is a geologically distant period when the Alps and the Himalayas emerged on Earth. It was a time when Roztocze was still covered by the waters of the warm Miocene sea. It may be hard to believe, but one can witness it by visiting Huta Różaniecka. Here, a sea cliff, sand, and fossilized shells have been preserved. You can see, touch, and transport yourself back about 23 million years in time. Anyone seeking this geological tourist attraction in Roztocze must turn onto the road leading to the ruins of the church. The cliff is about 400 meters from the temple, and it should be sought on the right side of the road.


Klif morza mioceńskiego Huta Różaniecka 13.jpg [6.58 MB] Huta Różaniecka, photo.: K. Kłysewicz



Sacred monument of Roztocze in Huta Różaniecka

The pre-war residents of Huta Różaniecka adhered to two different religions. Today, only representatives of Catholicism remain. Traces of the presence of Greek Catholics in these areas are still visible in the form of church ruins. The brick temple, built in 1853 on the site of an earlier wooden one, was destroyed in 1943. No attempts were made to rebuild it, leaving it to gradually fall into ruins. Today, the St. Nicholas Church serves not only as a witness to the past but also as an attraction of Roztocze. In the vicinity of its remains, several crosses from the 19th century have been preserved.



Accommodation in Podkarpackie region of Roztocze

Huta Różaniecka houses a School Youth Hostel. The year-round facility has 52 accommodation places and is an ideal base for exploring interesting places in Roztocze. For those who want to be closer to nature, there is a camping area on the property. There is also space for campers.



Explore Roztocze by bike

For those interested in exploring Roztocze by bike, Huta Różaniecka is conveniently located on the The Green Velo East of Poland Cycling Trail.




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Ruda Różaniecka



Photo: K. Kłysewicz