EAST OF POLAND CYCLING TRAIL GREEN VELO (its part in Podkarpacie) links three bike kingdoms: Roztocze, Carpathian Plateau and the Lower San Valley






For those who are keen on military history there are bunkers of the Molotov Line built during World War II.  Enthusiasts of wooden architecture can admire beautiful churches, including the Greek-Catholic church in Radruż, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For tourists interested in cottages and castles we recommend visiting the Baroque palace in Narol, which used to be owned by the aristocratic Łoś family. Those who want close contact with pristine nature should go to the Źródła Tanwii and Sołokija reserves, and see the Devil's Rock boulder near Werchrata.


Roztocze is a music-friendly land. Two large festivals are organized here in the summer: Folkowisko and the Cieszanów Rock Festival.


The trail runs via interesting towns and villages, such as Chotyniec, Wielkie Oczy, Radruż, Horyniec-Zdrój, Nowiny Horynieckie and Narol.





There are interesting towns in this region, among them Przemyśl, with the ruins of a massive fortress from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Rzeszów - the capital of the Podkarpackie province, with the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons, and Łańcut, famous for its magnificent palace with outbuildings and a park. Other tourist attractions near Rzeszów include Sołonka, with graduation towers built over brine deposits from the Miocene period, and the Pottery Croft in Medynia Głogowska, which in the 19th century was the largest pottery centre in Poland. There are also two sections of the The Wooden Architecture Route.





The part of this kingdom in the Podkarpacie region covers an area between Leżajsk and Baranów Sandomierski. Leżajsk is a small town on the Hasidic Route. There is a Jewish cemetery with the grave of Tsaddik Elimelech, and the Bernardine monastery with a unique priceless pipe organ. Another tourist attraction on this part of the Green Velo trail is the Museum of Folk Culture in Kolbuszowa, presenting the culture of local people, Lasowiacy and Rzeszowiacy.


The San River valley is dotted with cottages and aristocratic residences. Among the most outstanding ones are the castle in Baranów Sandomierski, called Little Wawel, and the Palace of the Tarnowski family in Tarnobrzeg.


In this region there are many towns and villages where local traditions are still cherished,  for example Ulanów – a timber rafting centre, or Rudnik nad Sanem – famous for wicker products.



Photo: Gabriela Joniec