Wooden Architecture Route in the Podkarpackie Region comprises 9 trails, and has a total length of 1202 km

Wooden Architecture Route



It leads to 127 landmarks of wooden architecture, such as churches, tserkovs, open air expositions, complexes of small town buildings, manor houses and palaces. Of particular notice are the jewels of wooden architecture recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. These include the church in Haczów, dating from the 1400s; the church and rectory complex in Blizne from the 1500s, with unique polychrome decorations; Greek-Catholic tserkov of Archangel Michael in Smolnik; Greek-Catholic tserkov of Archangel Michael in Turzańsk; Greek-Catholic tserkov of Nativity of the Mother of God in Chotyniec; parish tserkov of St. Paraskeva in Radruż.



Photo: Honorata Stanisz