A great opportunity for active recreation combined with exploring nature and interesting places along the San River

Rafting on the San River

Pontoon trips are organized on this river by Biuro Podróży PAWUK and other operators are suitable for people of all ages. During the rafting trip, experienced instructors talk about places that are along the route on each stretch of the river. On some routes it is possible to go ashore and see nearby tourist attractions: Molotov Line bunkers, ruins of the Sobień castle, and many Orthodox churches. The trip can end with a bonfire and picnic on the banks of the San River.


There are several rafting routes, from 5 km to 23 km long: Sanok-Liszna, Zwierzyń-Średnia Wieś, Zwierzyń-Lesko, Lesko-Zagórz, Lesko-Postołów, Sanok-Międzybrodzie, Sanok-Mrzygłód and Sanok-Ulucz. Rafting trips are offered to individual clients as well as organized groups of adults and schoolchildren.




Photo: Krystian Kłysewicz