Jasło Wine Route leads to sixteen vineyards located in the vicinity of Jasło

Jasło Wine Route was established as a result of cooperation between the Department of Culture, Sport and Social Affairs of Jasło City Hall, Podkarpackie Winemakers’ Association and  Jasło Winemakers’ Association “Vinum pro cultura”. During a tour you can visit the vineyards located  along the Jasło Wine Route, get the taste of the local wine brands, and use accommodation options on offer from wine makers and from other facilities in the town. The wineries attract those fond of enotourism with the fine quality of the wine produced here and with the hospitality of the winemakers. During the last weekend of summer holidays Jasło hosts International Days of Wine, the largest event of this type in Poland. This is an excellent opportunity to taste and compare various wines, Polish and foreign, and to learn about cultural and artistic accomplishments of the Jasło region.


The route leads to vineyards: Golesz, Jasiel, Zacisze, Dwie Granice, Vanellus, Winnica Ewy, Milena, Winnica Jana, Kolacz, Winnica miejska, Źródło, Wiarus, Szłukówka, Vetus, Podkarpacka Manufaktura Win, Spotkaniówka.



Photo: Krystian Kłysewicz