The Pottery Trail leads to places where tourists can visit small workshops in which potters use their wheels to give shape to various product. During such visit you can see drying racks with round-bellied clay jugs, and pottery kilns packed with various ceramic goods

Along the trail you can also enjoy enchanting sights, such as green forest ponds and hills from which you can admire the panorama of nearby towns. Many visitors will be impressed with the interior design of the church of Visitation of the Virgin Mary. The walls of the chancel, the gallery and the ambo are embellished with a ceramic mosaic made by local potters. The same material was used to create the Stations of the Cross. You should also stop at the old cemetery, hidden amidst tall ancient trees, and along the way bow your head before each roadside shrine, just like in the past potters used to do before setting off to fairs in distant places.


Along the way you can visit a few operating pottery workshops, see craftsmen at work, learn about the processes of shaping the products and various methods of firing. You can also buy ceramic products “straight from the kiln”.


Length of the Route: short option 13 km; long option 23 km



Photo: K. Zajączkowski