Route of the Central Industrial Region leads to areas related to this interwar development project; the sights include old factories, plants, landmarks linked with technological heritage, museums, housing estates designed for workers and engineers.

Route of the Central Industrial Region

Unlike typical tourist trails leading to castles, palaces or historical gardens Route of the Central Industrial Region takes visitors to landmarks of industrial heritage, buildings of old factories, relics of housing projects designed for workers, residential estates built for engineers and villas once inhabited by managing staff. The itinerary leads to such facilities as a dam, a swimming pool with a diving board, as well as a shrine and museums cultivating the memory of the old times. During the tour one should look at the structures and their finishing, pay attention to details, listen to stories related to the old times, and learn about the old manufacturing processes. All these elements show the fascinating picture of the industrial upsurge in the final years of the interwar period.


The route leads to the following towns and villages: Rzeszów, Nowa Sarzyna, Stalowa Wola, Nowa Dęba, Skopanie, Mielec, Pustków, Pustynia (today part of Dębica), Dębica and Sędziszów Małopolski. In each of these you can follow a walking route leading to landmarks connected with the Central Industrial Region.