The castle in Łańcut ranks among the most magnificent aristocratic residences in Poland. Built during 1629-1642 following orders of Stanisław Lubomirski, it replaced a stronghold of Stanisław Stadnicki, known as the “devil from Łańcut”.

Cestle-Museum in Łańcut

ul. Zamkowa 1

37-100 Łańcut

phone: 17 225 20 08



It was designed by architect, Maciej Trapola and stuccowork was contributed by Giovanni Battista Falconi. In the late 1600s alteration works were supervised by Tylman von Gameren. After 1772 the palazzo in fortezza establishment became the main residence of the Lubomirski family.


Its architectural design, as we can see it today, including the Baroque style outer walls, is a result of the modernization works commissioned by the Potocki family in the late 1800s/early 1900s.


The castle complex is famous for the glamorous interior design of its residential quarters and the extremely valuable collection of horse-drawn vehicles.


Inside the castle you can also admire numerous works of art acquired by owners of the estate throughout the centuries. The oldest exhibits represent the collection of Duchess Lubomirska. The castle is surrounded with a picturesque English park.


Learn more about the landmark at the website of the Carpathian Route of Gardens and Historical Houses


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Photo: K. Kłysewicz