It's quiet, every now and then birds singing can be heard, and you sit by the pond with a fishing rod and relax. Roztocze is an angler's paradise, but even if you don't like fishing, you're sure to enjoy a delicious fresh fish consumed in these natural settings. 

Relaxation in the climate of slow life, in silence and with specialties of local cuisine is a chance to disconnect from the busy everyday life and regenerate vitality. Sound like a dream? To some extent, yes, but it can be easily fulfilled, because all you have to do is come to the Roztocze.

Looking at a map of the northern part of the Subcarpathian Roztocze, the area around Ruda Różaniecka, you will notice huge tracts of forest, with many ponds in between. These ponds and the fish swimming there create the tourist offer of the place. It attracts professional and amateur anglers, lovers of local cuisine, in which fish plays the first fiddle, and, finally, anyone who needs to relax in nature.


Cuisine and accommodations in the Roztocze region. We suggest places to visit.


Dębowy Dwór - Oak Manor - "Catch and release," or special fishing grounds, are some of the attractions of this resort located around ponds. On one of them is an island with an inn with the very graceful name „Pod Szczęśliwym Karpiem” - "The Happy Carp Inn." An absolute bestseller here are dumplings with carp stuffing with butter and mushrooms. Those interested in buying fish can take a look at the organic fish farm run by the owners, which has been operating since the post-war era.

20230512_124232.jpg [3.96 MB] Dębowy Dwór - Oak Manor, photo: PROT


kuchnia 4 stawy.webp [1.67 MB] Four Ponds. Cuisine, Nature, Relaxation, photo: Four Ponds. Cuisine, Nature, Relaxation

Four Ponds. Cuisine, Nature, Relaxation - glamping located by ponds rich in fish that characterize the local cuisine. Local, homemade, but nonetheless one-of-a-kind, it offers dishes such as fishburger or sour soup with smoked sturgeon. Accommodation is offered in yurts or safari tents with terraces right on the water, just perfect for fishing.


Also worth mentioning is Smolin Fish, a family-owned fish manufactory in Roztocze. Using their own farm, they sell fresh fish, smoked fish or delicatessen products, both stationary and online.


The Stary Lubliniec fishery, standing out in the nature, is also an interesting place to see.


Smolin Fish_012.webp [120.01 KB] Smolin Fish, photo: Four Ponds. Cuisine, Nature, Relaxation



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Dębowy Dwór - Oak Manor

Ruda Różaniecka 301, 37-613 Ruda Różaniecka

phone: 16 631 38 15, 661 053 911


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Four Ponds. Cuisine, Nature, Relaxation

Ruda Różaniecka, 37-613 Ruda Różaniecka

phone: 796 503 410


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Smolin Fish


Stationary stores



The fishery in Stary Lubliniec

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