The route leads through the most interesting places associated with the beginnings and development of oil industry

Black Gold Discoverers

Tourist route

Black Gold Discoverers

The first oil drilling site in history, the largest collection of kerosene lamps in Europe, an ancient vehicle used for transport of petroleum products, the place where the fathers of oil industry, Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Karol Klobassa-Zrencki, are buried; these are only some of the attractions waiting for visitors. The route guides you through the most interesting and the most important places related to the birth of the oil industry, including eleven locations in Poland and Slovakia.  


Visitors travelling along this educational route will have a lot of fun. They can solve riddles hidden in special boxes and waiting for Black Gold Discoverers in a number of locations. Then, on a special map, they can collect stamps from the specific points along the trail. Those who solve all the riddles correctly, will receive a small gift.


Because of the easy access to all the sites, the route can be enjoyed by everyone: young people, families with children and senior citizens.