Madej Bicycles is not just a place where you can buy or rent a bike. It is a pass to a world where nature rules and man is just a guest.

Rowery Madej

ul Floriańska 167B

Phone: 723 111 764



Electric bicycle: from 200 - 300 PLN

MTB bike with front suspension: from 100 - 200 PLN

Cross-country skis from 70 PLN

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Discover the region with Madej Bicycles

We invite you to a world where adventure meets nature and passion merges with discovery. Madej Bicycles - a shop and rental service for bicycles and cross-country skis, transforms dreams of active relaxation into reality. Located in the heart of the picturesque Iwonicz, our company combines active rest with the discovery of the charms of nature.


Biking through the Low Beskids

For those wanting to immerse in wild nature, we recommend the numerous trails of the Low Beskids - a land of diversity where every corner has its story. You can explore this region with a bicycle rented from Madej Bicycles. Venturing the trails of the Low Beskids is not just about sport but also about getting to know the region's history, traditions, and natural values in a relaxed atmosphere. We deliver bicycles to any location in the Low Beskids and its vicinity, enabling the free exploration of these scenic areas.


Biking through Bieszczady Trails

The Bieszczady, wild, untamed mountains filled with mysterious trails and breathtaking views, await discovery. You can explore them not just on foot but from the perspective of a bicycle saddle. For those who do not possess a bicycle, there is no need to worry! Madej Bicycles will resolve the issue.


It is more than a place to buy or rent a bike but a ticket to a world where nature rules and man is merely a guest. We provide the chance to rent all types of bicycles, even electric ones, capable of conquering any hill. Even those inexperienced can enjoy reaching a peak or covering vast distances.


Gather your friends and embark on a shared mountain adventure, and Madej Bicycles will handle the organization!


Winter wonderland

When winter arrives, turning the landscape into a snowy white realm, Madej Bicycles focuses on white trails. Known for bike rentals, it becomes a haven for white madness enthusiasts concentrating on cross-country ski rentals.


Not only do Madej Bicycles offer ski rentals, but they also organize rallies and courses to perfect skiing techniques. It is ideal for those wishing to discover the Low Beskids in winter without giving up active relaxation. Training is conducted on specially prepared trails in Czarnorzeki or Pulawy Gorne. These are perfect spots for both beginner and advanced cross-country skiers. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, course participants can hone their skills while enjoying the beauty of the winter landscape.


Explore the region by bike

At Madej Bicycles, we promise top-notch quality products at reasonable prices. Our electric bike rentals cost 200 up to 300 PLN, while our MTBs with front suspension range from 100 to 200 PLN. For those interested in cross-country skiing, we offer rentals as low as 70 PLN.


Come and experience the thrill of active relaxation with Madej Bicycles. Numerous satisfied customers have taken advantage of our offerings, and you can become one of them. With Madej Bicycles, the fun is endless!