In the Low Beskids, within the Korczyna municipality near Krosno, lies the picturesque Prządki Reserve. Established in 1957 and spanning an area of 13.62 hectares, the reserve is renowned for its extraordinary rock formations that crown the top of a hill at an elevation of 526 meters above sea level and are surrounded by picturesque valleys.

Prządki Rock Nature Reserve




The name of the reserve - "Prządki" is no coincidence. According to local legends, the extraordinary rocks are enchanted maids from a nearby castle, who were spinning on a holiday. The background of the legend adds a unique, mysterious character to the place. The reserve offers visitors the chance to admire four groups of impressive sandstone rocks, among which formations shaped like lofty maces, sometimes exceeding 20 meters in height, dominate. Individual rocks have been given names – including: Prządka-Matka (Mother Spinner), Prządka-Baba (Old Woman Spinner), but there are also Herszt (Chief) and Zbój Madej (Bandit Madej), each telling their own stories and showcasing the incredible power of nature.



In the group of rocks known as Prządka-Matka, one of the highest rocks in the entire reserve is present, stretching for about 30 meters and standing 18 meters tall. Alongside lofty rock formations, the Prządki Reserve also features flat, boulder-like forms interspersed with crevices that widen upwards.




Grzegorz_Gruca_Prządki_2659.jpg [1.37 MB] Prządki, photo Grzegorz Gruca

The main goal of establishing the Prządki Reserve is to protect the original rock formations, which owe their shape to the system of tectonic fractures in sandstone, the action of freezing water inside the porous rock, or physical weathering processes.


The rocks of the Prządki Reserve are made of Ciężkowice sandstone and soft Eocene shales, rocks of varying resistance to weathering. Visible here are characteristic forms: grooves, depressions, spongy surfaces.


This unique reserve in the tourist region of the Low Beskids is special because of its fascinating rock formations. However, lovers of rare plant species can also delight in the rare fern variety – maidenhair spleenwort. In the reserve, one can also hear the unique concerts of the numerous birds residing there, such as the chaffinch, wren, or early bird.



The Prządki Reserve attracts not only nature lovers but also those looking for ideas for a weekend getaway and active rest in the Low Beskids. A black hiking trail runs through the reserve, starting at Kamieniec Castle in Odrzykoń, leading through the reserve to Czarnorzeki, and further to Sucha Góra to Czarny Dział. The area also features other tourist paths and trails of the Low Beskids and the Strzyżów Foothills. They offer views of the nearby Kamieniec Castle in Odrzykoń and the surroundings of the tourist region of the Low Beskids and the Foothills. It's an ideal proposition for anyone wanting to combine active rest with admiring the beauty of the Beskid landscape.

042_Czarnozecko-Strzyzowski PK.webp [66.52 KB] Czarnorzecko-Strzyżowski Landscape Park, photo. B. Bara






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Photo: Michał Szczurowicz