It is the only museum in Poland that has the German NSU-KettenkradSd.Kfz.2 half-track vehicle in its collection

Private Museum of the Subcarpathian Battlefields in Krosno

Czajkowskiego 92
38-400 Krosno
phone: 502994116, 785144346

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The remains of the planes crashed in the region: the Messerschmitt Bf-109F fighter jet and the Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber, as well as a wedding dress sewn from a parachute are also mementos here. Thirteen figures, representing soldiers from both world wars, equipped with original uniforms and weapons should also be added to the group of these valuable exhibits. The museum also educates visitors on the German forced labor camp, which was located in the nearby Szebnie. The original plaque crowning the main gate is a memento from there.


Part of the exhibition is located in an authentic WWII air raid shelter.



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Photo: Private Museum of the Subcarpathian Battlefields in Krosno