The earliest references to the building date from 1348, during the reign of King Casimir the Great. At that time the castle was a royal property

Kamieniec Castle in Korczyna-Odrzykoń

Podzamcze B/N

38-420 Korczyna

phone: 788-837-412



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Later the estate was divided into two parts, each being a residence of a different owner. History of the castle was an inspiration for some works of literature, most notably The Revenge, a comedy by Aleksander Fredro. Today we can see here relics of walls of the upper and lower castle, a portal and parts of the surrounding walls. Within the ruins there is also a museum displaying exhibits connected with the heyday of the castle, most notably portraits of Alexander Fredro and Anna Szeptycka, coats of arms, as well as a Gothic sward found in Zyndranowa.



Places worth seeing in the the surrounding area:


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Craft Museum in Krosno

Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno

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Private Museum of Podkarpackie Battlefields in Krosno

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Hot Chocolate Shop in Korczyna

  • Franciscan Church with the chapel of the Oświęcim family in Krosno

  • Neo-Gothic church of St. Catherine in Odrzykoń

  • Church of Nativity of Virgin Mary and of Andrew the Apostle in Łączki Jagiellońskie

  • Greek Catholic tserkov of St. Paraskeva in Rzepnik



Photo: Tomasz Okoniewski