Maria Konopnicka Museum in Żarnowiec was established in 1957. This modest- looking manor house surrounded by a landscaped garden dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries

Maria Konopnicka Museum in Żarnowiec

Żarnowiec 133

38-460 Jedlicze

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In 1903, it was offered to the poet, Maria Konopnicka as a gift from the nation to celebrate the Jubilee of 25 years of her creative work. At that time, both the house and the garden were restored. During the final years of the poet’s life, it served as a safe and tranquil haven for summer seasons. The property remained in the hands of the poet’s daughters.


In front of the manor we can see an oval lawn and a lovely linden and hornbeam avenue leading from the main gate. Beyond the garden wall there is a slope descending towards the Jasiołka River. After 1884, the stand of trees was enriched with new specimens. After the museum was established, the garden was expanded to incorporate a lower terrace with a small pond and the area of an old orchard. Contemporary features were added here to commemorate important anniversaries related to Maria Konopnicka. 


The most valuable holdings of the museum include manuscripts of works by Maria Konopnicka. We can also see here numerous artefacts related to Polish literature, an exposition of paintings by Maria Dulębianka, and a collection of old inkwells and other office accessories from the 19th and early 20th century.


Learn more about the landmark at the website of the Carpathian Route of Gardens and Historical Houses



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Photo: Krzysztof Zajączkowski