Greek Catholic tserkov in Olchowiec was built in 1934. The first tserkva was built in Olchowiec in 1792. It is said, that church was purchased and brought from beyond the Hungarian border. The old building was demolished in 1934 and construction of the new one started, however it was not completed before WWII broke out

Greek Catholic tserkov in Olchowiec


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The tserkva was seriously damaged in the autumn of 1944, due to warfare. A shell hit one of the tserkva corners. The iconostasis and majority of the furnishings burnt down. After the war the local population started reconstruction of the church, which was interrupted by the forced resettlement campaign. In 1949 the tserkva was acquired by Roman Catholics. In 1950 the parishioners saved the church from being demolished. Following the “political thaw” of 1956, the church was again restored and then used jointly by Catholics of both denominations. In 2000, after the Greek Catholic Church was officially reinstated, it also reacquired the tserkva.


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Photo: Krystian Kłysewicz