The Ethnocenter’s offerings are presented in a modern and innovative way

The Ethnocenter of the Krosno Region

Kolejowa 29A

38-400 Krosno

phone: 13 47 43 512, 13 47 43 513



You will learn how to prepare a traditional meal by watching a video tutorial, you will design your own embroidery pattern on a touchscreen, and you will wear traditional costumes in a virtual dressing room. In the hay wagon you will hear local stories in an animated, interactive way. And in a playroom you will find modern games using Kinect technology, as well as traditional board games.


In various thematic workshops at the Ethnocenter, you can learn the techniques of old-time singing, try playing traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, violin, bass), learn interesting dance forms (processional dance, walking dance, regional dance) or learn traditional crafts (embroidery, weaving, tissue paper, wickerwork). In addition, there are meetings with the masters of tradition, Slavic gymnastics activities, folk theater performances and dancing parties with live music.


The Ethnocenter of the Krosno Region also introduces its subject through exhibitions and lectures, and conducts interesting lessons for organized school groups. What is more, you can organize a birthday or a folk hen party within the program of your choice.


The facility is located in the historic building of the railway station in Krosno.



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Photo: The Ethnocenter of the Krosno Region