Carpathian Troy is an outdoors museum complex in Trzcinica near Jasło

Carpathian Troy Open Air Exposition in Trzcinica

Trzcinica 646

38-207 Przysieki

photo: 13 440 50 40


how to get there

Carpathian Troy is an outdoors exposition, branch of Podkarpackie Museum in Krosno. It was created at the location of the most important archeological sites holding relics of one of the oldest hillforts in Poland. Today named the Royal Earthworks, the settlement is dated to the early Bronze Age. The exposition presents reconstructions of over 150 metre long defensive walls, two entrance gates and six huts. In the archaeological park we can visit a reconstructed village of the Otomani peoples, from the early Bronze Age, as well as an early medieval settlement of Slavic people.



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Photo: Krzysztof Zajączkowski