We start the hike at the beginning of the green trail


Lipowiec - Garbki - Kamień nad Jaśliskami - Cementeries from World War I - Beskid Pass on Czeremcha - Czeremcha - Lipowiec



17,5 km






5h 10min



We leave the area of the buildings. We enter a beech forest. Behind Garbki we follow the markings of the yellow educational trail. On the way we pass the landslide Nad Sinym Wirem. We continue to go higher, and we pass a quarry called Okrągła Wyspa. We reach a fork in the trail. We turn north, and after 500 m we reach the peak of Kamień, where there is a large heap of stones. 50 m from the summit there is a monument commemorating Karol Wojtyła - later Pope John Paul II. We return to the fork in the route and go to the Polish-Slovak border. We follow the Blue Carpathian Trail east, passing by cemeteries where soldiers of the Russian and Austrian armies are buried. The soldiers fell during battles for the ridge of the Carpathians at the turn of 1914–1915. Without leaving the border we follow the Slovak red trail to the west to the Beskid pass at Czeremcha. We go north through the now non-existent village of Czeremcha. On the way we pass the ruins of a German watchtower and remnants of a church.





The Polish-Slovak border on this section is the line of the main Carpathian watershed separating the catchment areas of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

The green trail leads along the so-called spirit route which, according to legend, was used by spirit smugglers, thus bypassing the customs post in the village of Czeremcha.

In Czeremcha there are interesting signposts for the routes: “Barania Góra 78 h”, “Tokaj 78 h”, “ul. Starowiślna w Krakowie 84 h”, and “Howerla 128 h” and road signs: “Babadag 1034 km” and “Nordkapp 3190 km”.



Photo: Jarosław Mazur