Former Greek Catholic tserkov in Świątkowa Wielka was built in 1757, was founded by Piotr Paszkiewicz, owner of Świątkowa. It is said that originally it stood on the other side of the stream but was moved to a new location because the faithful had problems reaching the tserkva when the level of water was high

Former Greek Catholic tserkov in Świątkowa Wielka


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The church was reconstructed in the 18th, 19th and 20th century. The tower was presumably added in 1796 and the sacristy in 1833. Inside we can see very colourful figural and ornamental wall paintings with Baroque features, from the 1700s, and partly altered in the 1800s. The dome over the nave features a cross-shaped tie beam decorated with carved cord-like ornament.


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Photo: Michał Bosek