Krempna is a small village located in the central area of the Low Beskid Mountains



how to get there

The greatest attraction in educational centre is the exhibition room presenting the wildlife of the Magura National Park. Visitors can see landscapes, plants and animals living in the park in various seasons of the year (e.g. 22 tree species). A true reconstruction of the natural environment presents the fauna and flora of the meadows and forests of the Beskid Mountains. An additional attraction is a 30-minute long multimedia presentation depicting the development of the natural environment in this area throughout the ages. The centre organizes tours of the national park as well as educational classes focusing on environment conservation, as well as botany and zoology.



Worth seeing:

tserkov of Saints Cosmas and Damian from the 1700s,

Scenic tower in Desznica

  • church of St. Maksymilian Kolbe,
  • artificial lake,
  • Stajnia Rumak horse-riding centre,
  • Łemko-style homesteads.