Construction of the dam in Solina took nine years and the structure started operation in July 1968. This is the tallest concrete dam and the largest structure of hydrotechnical engineering in Poland. It is nearly 82 metres tall and 664 metres long



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This was one of the major investments carried out in Poland in the 20th century. Following the construction of the dam, a large artificial lake was formed in an area of several villages, whose populations had been relocated. Lake Solina comprises an area of 22 km2, and has a coastline of 160 kilometres. On average it is 25 metres deep, with the maximum depth of 60 metres. The lake is characterized by significant fluctuations in the water level, with differences up to 10–15 m.


The dam and the artificial lake are one of the main tourist attractions of the region.


Visitors can take a boat cruise during which they will hear the history of Lake Solina; those into water sports can rent a paddle boat, row boat or a canoe.



Photo: Grzegorz Adamczyk