Many believe that the Bieszczady Mountains are the most romantic part of Poland. It is here that city people tired of hustle and bustle of work escape. For years known as the favourite place of artists and people escaping all templates. For lovers of mountain hiking Bieszczady will provide the hardships of climbing as well as amazing views.


Where are the Bieszczady Mountains situated?


Think - rest away from the hustle and bustle, say - Bieszczady. For decades, the southern regions of the Podkarpackie Province have attracted restless souls looking forward to rediscovering the energy flowing from contact with nature. Hospitable, yet untamed, they are also waiting for you, only if you are brave enough for the primal and beautiful experiences.


Bieszczady is a place where you have beautiful nature and complex history at your fingertips. They consist of two mountain ranges in the Carpathian Chain situated at the southernmost tip of Poland. Their exact location is the area between the Łupkowska Pass and the Wyszkowska Pass. They are part of the Eastern Beskids, with the area divided into the Western Bieszczady, located in Poland and Ukraine, and the Eastern Bieszczady, which lie entirely in Ukraine.


And last but not least, it is a place where you want to come back. It is especially true because there is a lot to come back to - you will find numerous must-see places in this area.

Which places are worth visiting in the Bieszczady Mountains?


When visiting the Bieszczady Mountains, you cannot do without hiking along the climatic meadows and mountain trails. When planning a short trip or a longer stay in this region, be prepared for contact with fauna and flora ... and yourself - the Bieszczady Mountains will give you an opportunity to look inside yourself. During your walks, you will have a chance to see plants and animals that certainly cannot be found anywhere else in Poland. The roar of a bison, bear, or deer is the natural sound of the Bieszczady forests that await brave tourists. Also noteworthy are the Hucul ponies, characteristic horses living in the Bieszczady Mountains, which you can meet on pastures all year round.

It is here that the Bieszczady National Park is located - the third-largest national park in Poland. You can also find Tarnica here - the highest peak of the Polish part of the Bieszczady Mountains. The Main Beskid Trail named after Kazimierz Sosnowski also stretches here - the longest trail in the Polish mountains. It starts in the Silesian Ustroń and ends in the Bieszczady village of Wołosate.


All nature lovers will enjoy walking around the Sine Wiry Reserve and the San Valley Landscape Park covering picturesque areas from the source of the San River to Lake Solińskie and the Solina dam. It is worth mentioning, that you can also benefit from the Bieszczady climate at night. The breathtaking views can also be admired after the sunset in Sky Star Park, which is protected against pollution by artificial light. Observations of the starry sky and astronomical shows presenting the natural environment at night are held on its premises.


However, the Bieszczady Mountains have much more to offer than just hiking. You can add that special touch to your trip by using the Bieszczady Bicycle Trolleys and the Bieszczady Forest Railway, and get to know the Carpathian forest from a slightly different angle.

Charming villages and towns of Bieszczady


Countless trails and untamed spaces encourage you to go hiking, but it is also worth taking a break and stopping for a while in places that will provide you with extraordinary experiences. Make sure to pay special attention to the following landmarks:

  • Sanok and the Museum of Folk Architecture (the largest open-air museum in Poland!) presenting the culture of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland, and the Historical Museum with numerous collections of Orthodox art and the largest gallery of works by the outstanding painter Zdzisław Beksiński.
  • Muczne and the Forest Promotion Center with a demonstration bison farm and an observation tower on Jeleniowaty, offering a beautiful view of the Bieszczady Mountains.
  • Uherce Mineralne and the Bieszczady School of Craft, i.e. a modern museum, where you can go back in time and discover the secrets of disappearing professions through participation in pottery and calligraphy workshops.
  • Sobień and the ruins of a medieval castle on a hill and a viewpoint located there, where you can admire the San River running through the valley, and, and if the weather is good, also the distant peaks of the Bieszczady Mountains.

  • Lesko and the Kmita castle surrounded by green gardens, a synagogue, and one of the oldest and most precious necropolises - a Jewish cemetery from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries with over 2000 preserved tombstones.
  • Lutowiska and the Three Cultures eco-museum, a 13-kilometre-long historical and natural path with several dozen attractions and exhibitions, including 4 viewpoints located on the surrounding hills.
  • Ustrzyki Dolne and the three-storey Nature Museum of the Bieszczady National Park, which is one of the largest nature museums in Poland.
  • Zagórz with its magnificent ruins of the defensive monastery complex of the Discalced Carmelites.
  • Cisna and the iconic Siekierezada restaurant with an atmospheric interior - a must-see amenity when visiting the Bieszczady Mountains.
  • Polańczyk Zdrój referred to as the largest holiday resort located in Podkarpackie region.


Bieszczady is also an area where the Subcarpathian Wooden Architecture Trail runs. During your visit, you can admire numerous wooden churches - including the churches inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, e.g. the Orthodox church in Smolnik on the San River and Turzańsk.

The wildest mountains in Poland


The mountain ranges stretching along the Carpathian Mountains, where, according to the song, the Bieszczady angels roam, is a place that combines the wildness of nature, silence, and freedom. They used to attract outlaws - people with strong personalities, enjoying freedom and independence in life. Presently, the Bieszczady Mountains are visited by those who are looking for rest, space, and nature. There is a reason why so many of us want to take a break and submerge into this atmosphere. It is hiking along mountain trails, visiting charming villages, and experiencing their original character is what makes the Bieszczady Mountains known as a magical and mysterious place. It is also no exaggeration to say that anyone can find peace of mind here.

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