"One goes there like to a Tibetan temple, and you need to know how to live there". - These are the words of the legendary Lutek Pinchuk, who devoted most of his life to the symbol of Bieszczady - the shelter on Połonina Wetlinska mountain meadow, Chatka Puchatka - Pooh Corner. The building is one of the greatest attractions of the Bieszczady Mountains.

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Bieszczady - An Oasis of Freedom

We can imagine how hard and challenging life was for Lutek and his family in the Bieszczady highlands. But we also know that every day he was greeted by the mountain meadow, which gave him an incredible sense of freedom. Already in the last century, people who needed to free themselves from the rigid rules of communist life fled nowhere else but in the Bieszczady Mountains. Artists and free spirits found their refuge here, finding peace and space for creative creation and this unique Bieszczady climate. This is also where the legend of the Polish cowboy was born, and the horse became a symbol of Bieszczady freedom.


And let us also try to feel the spirit of the Bieszczady Mountains, but from a different perspective. We will focus on the natural, scenic and tourist values of the Bieszczady National Park area. In addition to the mountain meadows above 1,150 meters above sea level - vast mountain pastures characteristic only of the Bieszczady area - what makes the park's area one of the incredibly picturesque terrains are the deciduous and mixed forests that occupy nearly 80% of its area. Especially the red color of Carpathian beech shimmering in autumn.

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The third largest national park in Poland can be admired both on foot and on horseback. There are numerous PTTK trails in the Bieszczady National Park, including the Main Beskid Trail, nature trails and dozens of kilometers of horse trails. The immensity of the views from the Bieszczady highlands gives the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful panoramas of the Bieszczady peaks trekking on horseback.

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The views alone and the alpine and subalpine vegetation of the highlands make the Bieszczady Mountains simply magical at any time of the year. However, plenty of rare plant and animal species can be found in the International Biosphere Reserve "Eastern Carpathians", covering the Bieszczady National Park. In the corners of the ancient Carpathian primeval forest hides truly wild game. Wolves, lynx, wildcats and bears have found their habitat here. The Bieszczady Mountains and neighboring ranges are home to Europe's largest populations of rare birds: the golden eagle, the lesser spotted eagle and the Ural owl. It is also home to the world's largest herd of mountain bison - more than 650 animals. If you are lucky, you will also see the Aesculapian snake here.


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